Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lovers And Sinners (Part 2: KIA)

I pretended to read, but I watched her. My eyes took notice of everything she did. The way she laughed, the way she walked, her expressions.. I noticed every move of hers.
She looked beautiful. Beautiful in a way I could never be.
When Peter came into our room, I felt myself burn. I saw them kiss, and I noticed how Serena held on to him.
Watching them walk out of the room, I close my book and go through Serena's wardrobe. I pick up her favourite dress. Peter had gifted it to her a few months ago.
I put it on, and let my hair down. I look at my reflection in the mirror and smile.
The dress hung low on my body, making my curves perfectly visible. I dab some makeup on my face and apply Serena's perfume.
Putting myself in her shoes, I walk around and laugh. I laugh a 'Serena laugh' and I feel like Serena does. it was just the taste of Peter's lips that I wanted to feel now..

Coming next: Peter(Part 1) :)


  1. Poor girl...She can put make up on her face..but not to her heart :/

    Good one...waiting for the continuation

  2. Omg I see the evil side.. Bless Serena.. :/

  3. Lovely one..she cant pretend fr long but :)

  4. Hey PhilO, I can't believe u're just 17 :)

    really nice continuation of the story.. am thinkin how u'd end the story.. :)

    so nw u hv ur character's tryin to fill in the shoes of the sister.. love the way u weave the story in such a simple way.. what adds to the thrill is the fact tht both r identical twins n the suble differences make up fr such big differences...

    waitin fr the next :)

    Supa work, PhilO :)

  5. oo this is taking a rather interesting and dark turn...i like...cant wait to see where it goes...

  6. The unfolding of story is so similar to unfolding layers of onion! Very enjoyable and await the next layer...

  7. Ah Devilish!! Just the way I like it..Bring it on!! EVIL!!!!

  8. OMG! Don't steal Peter away now .. damn ! And it was too effing well written .. you could feel the envy in which she was seething seeing Peter n Serena kiss..
    This is going well. :D

  9. Something is building up, I can sense it. but seriously, I feel like I hate the main character. She has no respect for her sister. Very good. My anticipation level is full bars.

  10. wah baby..grt expressions.. what next? kiss? or something else? post it soo ..:)

    carry on the grt work..

  11. my comment
    you know this is one post where i am expecting so much of action... the plot is si well sketched there is room for more than i can ever imagine...!
    you are soooooo BRILLIANT :))
    i love you
    i want one PETER too..!:P

  12. very interesting continuation
    holds the reader in :)

  13. Okay honest critic: I felt she should have had a conflict within.. she is just plain jealous
    lets see, what's ahead :)



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