Tuesday, October 27, 2009

**Girl Time**

I've been awarded!!
Yep, thanks a lot Sawan. I'm so glad you like my blog!!! ;)
Here's my award !!! MuaaHhh!! ♥♥


Today, I'd also like to award some rocking girls I've come across on blogspot.
(Boys please don't get upset. Next time, I'll have something for you too :) )
I was doodling about in Paint and so I drew an award for some really sweet girls :)
Hope you like it :D

And, this award goes to....

Pramoda- http://yedilmangemore.blogspot.com/
Chocolate Lover- http://chocolatychocolatelover.blogspot.com/
Yellow Tulip- http://nanyellowtulip.blogspot.com/

Sulagna- http://sulagnablogs.blogspot.com/
Tara (Thanks for your regular comments even though I miss out on your blog) - http://mylittlefashionfinds.blogspot.com/

You girls rock. Thanks for your lovely comments. Love Yah!! ♥♥♥

Take Care!!
Guys, the next post's gonna be for you :D

W!nk ♪♫

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sit outside on the porch,
And watch the stars shine.
Plug your ears
And listen to the songs you love.
Sing alone,
Tap your feet to the tune.
Dream about everything you ever wish you could be.
Imagine and let the breeze play with your hair,
If you see a shooting star, believe…
And make a wish.
Forget the bad,
Let there be just peace…
Have faith in yourself for one night.
Make it your night.
Live it tonight.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photography :)

Gangsta...Rapsta X(

Couldn't Make This Pik Straight. Dunno Why. Love My Bands :)


Sunny And Me :)

Drowning In Nature's Beauty...

A Walk To Remember!

Out On A Sunny Afternoon

Kick !

Crazy Obsession With My Fingers :P

Bored In The Interval Of A Movie.

I Love This One :)

Sunny And Me Again..


Was experimenting with my nails :)

My T-shirt :S

My sister and my fingers ♪♫

Friends Forever :D ♥♥
That's my T-shirt print :)

T-shirt print again !! :P

Hey Guys.
I was just a little bored with posting so many poems, so I thought of posting some pictures :)
I love random photography!!
Hope you like them.
Also, A Very Happy Diwali to all you Indians :)
Take Care People!!
W!nk ♪♫


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I will never forget you

Two years ago,
You waved at me from your car window.
I ran behind you,
Till I fell down.

Whenever I passed your house,
I felt so lonely.
But I knew you'd come back
Just like you promised.

Your locker was taken.
Your bench was occupied,
I had a new lab partner
Who was so sick!

I'd go under our tree,
And look at our pictures.
So many dreams we had seen together,
And your parents just washed them away.

I watched Peter Pan all alone.
My Saturdays were so dull.
I didn't feel like going to any parties,
I just stuck to your memories.

I wrote so many mails to you.
But my inbox showed no trace of you.
I called at your granny's,
But a dead line was what I got.

My birthday,
Was when I was expecting you to call.
I stayed up the whole night,
But you washed away my hopes.

Your parents always said that I was bad company.
They never approved of me.
But I always loved you.
You were my best friend...
How could you let go?

Found your granny's address in mum's diary
And I knew I had to go.
When I heard about what had happened,
I couldn't even cry.

She said your family met with an accident
Before two years.
You all passed away,
Even before you could see New York.

She said you survived for a few days,
But then your condition got worst,
And left you with no option.

She also told me
That you loved me.
You told her I was your life.
And you said you were sorry for breaking your promise.

I felt as if I was dying,
When your granny took me to your grave.
I sat down besides you
And wrote you this letter...
Hoping my feelings reach you,
One day.

I love you,
And I always will.
You taught me to believe in myself,
You taught me to live.

And now I'm going to live,
To fulfill the dreams we saw,
I will be strong,
And I won't let you down,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Got This Feelin... :D

I've always felt this thing,
When you look into my eye...
When you smile...
When our hands touch,
I get this amazing feeling
From deep within.

I can't help turning red
When you say my name.
I want to hear you say that
Again and again.
I don't feel like blinking my eyes
When you're around.
I don't want to miss a moment
Of not seeing you.

I spend hours in front of the mirror,
Every time I meet you,
I want to look different.
I want you to say that I'm beautiful
Each and everyday.
You sweep me off the ground,
I think I'm crazy for you!

When I told my friends about how I feel,
They just teased me
And I went even more red.
Mum says it's teenage!

I don't care what this is,
All I know is,
I want to feel this way forever.
I want you to freeze.
I want you to keep saying my name.
I want to play with your hair,
I want to watch you surf in the sea.
I want you to feel the same about me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HerO ♪♫ : Inspired by the song Hero By Enrique

He gently walks upon the stage
Lifts his guitar and looks around.
Pulls the mike towards him
All the lights glowing at his face.
It sends a chill down my spine.
He smiles at me
And winks his eye.
And when the lights go dim..
And everything's quite.
He says,
'This one's for you.'
And I know what he means.

I stand as close to the stage as I can.
Even though it's dark,
I know he's looking at me when he sings.
He sings our song,
He sings Hero.
He is my Hero!

And when the song ends
The lights are bright again.
He walks up to me and carries me to the stage.
He sits on his knees and takes a ring out of his pocket.
'Can I be your Hero?' He asks
And I don't know what to say.

My heart jumps up in joy,
The crowd is invisible to me.
'Yes', I say softly
And let him slide the ring down my finger.
He holds me close in his arms
Looks deep into my eyes.
And when he touches my lips,
I really do tremble!
If you haven't heard this song, then do listen to it. It's amazing.

Take Care!