Monday, November 21, 2011

Lovers And Sinners.. (Serena. Part 1,2 and 3)


I feel his strong built arms around my waist possessively. The tingles have long faded, the lust gone.. It's nothing now. Just emptiness.
I see a girl look my way. Her piercing blue eyes reflect mine. She has the same features, but kinder..shyer. Her long legs clad in jeans, her pretty features hiding behind the clothes she prefers to wear. She believes we just look alike- aren't the same.
The same blood rushes within us- differentiating us. I long for that subtle beauty of hers, that silently lures, that confidence and smile which has nothing to hide.

But, above all, with Peter's arms around my waist, I long for freedom..

We are two parts of the same soul. Opposites. Perfection versus ruin.
I look at my reflection in the mirror. My looks gaze back. It is the best and perhaps the only talent I think I have.
Wearily, I reach up and pull the pins out of the smooth twist, letting my pale blonde hair tumble in to a mess. I felt her stare at my back. I didn't reply. Just pretended.
I saw his reflection in the m
irror. We mash perfectly together. He is safe, comfortable. I turn around to meet his lips. I feel nothing. His presence engulfs, as if invading my personal safe. I want to feel the rush, the fire and the flames. Knowing this, I still linger..
I let him pull me to his car, a small smile playing on his lips. I wonder does he feel he same?
n you justify something that is wrong, but so right, so needed, that it is impossible to refuse?
His lip
s blazed mine, burning, demanding. I knew the fire would burn, but I did not fear. For it was through his kisses, that he showed his love, reflecting my joy and, there in his presence that I found the light I was so desperately searching for.
I knew that the guilt would soon consume me, dim my soul and would leave me begging for his mercy.

But I will endure everything, for he is my miracle.

I never meant to hurt. To lie and to deceive. I never meant to betray Peter, never in the arms of his brother. I am sorry. I truly am.
But he shows me passion, I never want to forget.
The guilt and the sorrow, hurt and betrayal, anger and resentment, darkness and light..all replaced with hugs and kisses, promises and desires, hopes and dreams.
Ripped bedsheets and shared beds.
Endless love, and blood recklessness..
Written by- Pickle :)
Image Courtesy: Google :)

Coming soon: AJs version of Peter :)


  1. I'm loving it, and no, I'm not advertising McD -.-

  2. Good to read it again! Await next...

  3. glad u posted all together :D

    Fantastic read n m so waiting 4 the next one :)

  4. nice on not making us wait this time...oy on the brother thing...that stings a bit...back in the day had a girlfriend that cheated on me with a cousin...and that hurt enough...

  5. awwwwwww------ to cute to be true na...
    i want more more more
    you should start a blog with this love story :)
    and and please write more na,will you..!

  6. this character insight is very interesting. Serena looks a bit different from this poin of view!

  7. i'm enjoying your storytelling and characters:)

  8. Oye very nice nice!!! Waiting for AJ's!

  9. so wonderful...loved it... :) keep going...

  10. ouch! in the brother's arms!
    this is so forbidden its alluring! :))

  11. Ah. So interesting.
    It would be such an interesting if we knew their backgrounds, more about their lives, like a proper book. Hm?


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