Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hidden Beauty..

I look at my reflection in the mirror. Only my eyes are visible.
I lift my hands and remove the black cloth that covered my face... That hid my features.
I remove the black cloth that covered my head, which prevented me from letting my hair flow in the wind.
I stand uncovered.
I run my hands through my hair, and bring them forward. They are jet black. My skin is pale and fair. My lips, red.
I stand the way I was before him the day before..
"Your eyes..they are so beautiful.." He looks at me and smiles.
"Thanks." I say, and blush. But, he can't see.
I don't move as he comes closer to me. I'm scared. I know I'll be going against my family..But, I wanted him. I wanted to reveal myself to him.
He holds my hands and looks at me. I smile, but he can't see.

"Can I have a look at you? If your eyes are so pretty, I bet you're prettier."
I say nothing. I just nod and close my eyes.
I feel him lift the burka off my face slowly. I'm scared. I hold on to him.
His hands are warm. He runs them through my hair. He cups my face in his hands.
I finally open my eyes and find him just inches away from me.
"Can I kiss you?" He asks. I look at him awkwardly.
"Don't be nervous." He says, closing my eyes. He places his lips on mine. I feel his heavy breath on me, and I grip him tighter as every moment passes by.

Once we pull apart, I smile and my cheeks slowly turn red. And, he finally sees.
"You smell like lilies and you look flawless.." He says, kissing my neck.
"And you feel safe." I whisper, as I bury myself into him.
I keep looking at myself in the mirror..thinking about what all had happened.
I put my burka back on, when my mother calls out for me.

"As-Salam Alaikum
" I say, as I serve water to the guests.
Salim is there too. His eyes meet min for a second, and then I look away..
..Smiling and blushing under the burka.. And I'm sure he realises.

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  1. Aww this was so radiant a post:)

    Beautiful :)

  2. Juhi,you write so flawlessly that even a simple love story gets magical!

  3. Wow.. I like the way this is going...!!! :):) was smiling while i was reading it..!! You are at your usual best :):):) curious to know what happens next ???

  4. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  5. smiles...i like...it is a world unfamiliar to me in many ways but i appreciate the love shared between the two...

  6. aye haye baby this is soooooo sooo sooo romantic and simple wala romantic jo fairy tale types hota hai. :)
    pahle PETER and now SALIM :)

  7. It has to be like this then...I want to see the rest of the story!!!

  8. awwwwwww...such a cuteee writeuo!
    How did u come up with such a poignant thought!
    Beautifully narrated!

  9. hahaha....the same girlie fantacies...."Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me who is beautiful of all"....gr8 reading nyways

  10. I had been toying with a plot that is similar to this one. You stole my idea! :)

    Nah, it's still well-written anyway. Breathtaking as usual. :D

  11. Aw! That was so freaking adorable, J. :)
    I wonder how it feels to go beneath a burqa and blush.. I remember Taslima Nasreen's description of it in one of her books .. gee .. I got reminded of it and smiled.
    and the smell of lilies .. yea, I almost smelt then.
    You only get better. :)

  12. ah...you are so naughty... as suvaiba said..pehle Peter and now Salim? :P

    gripped me till the end and wanted to read more of it but it ended :( can we have more please? :)

  13. You are one good romance writer. Excellent post. If you write a novel, I bet a reader would still be transfixed five hours later. Thats how good you are.
    Btw I've written something too. If you could take a look and comment, I'd really appreciate it.


  14. love your writing style girl and the picture you use in your post very beautiful..:)

  15. @ Priyanka: Thank You :)

    @ Rahul Bhatia: Thank you so much :) Your words mean a lot :)

    @ Not so Super Nick :D : There is no next part :) This was just random :)

    @ Mark: Thanks :)

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    @ Brain: *smiles back* Thank you :)

    @ The lover: Glad you liked it!

    @ Suvaiba: Thank you so much :) Maybe, I'll get someone better up next :P

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    @ Red : Well, it just popped up :D Thank you :)

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    @ Rose: For a change we had similar ideas :D

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    @ Muhammad: Thank you for your kind words :) I don't think I'll be doing a write up. But if something comes in, I'll surely write :)

    @ Hamza: A novel? Haha! I wish that comes true someday :) Thanks! Will surely check out your work.

    @ Shoaib: Glad you like it :)
    Thank you.



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