Sunday, August 12, 2012

Withering Away..

Picture from here

It is time.
I know it is.
I want to get up, but my body refuses to move. I try calling out, but my voice betrays me. Closing my eyes, I listen to my heart beat. still breathing..but deep down I was already dead. 
I can't fight any more. It's nature's call for me, and I have to abide. 

I slowly manage to turn my head towards the left. Everything looks hazy, but I can see my grand daughter scribbling on the walls of the room. I naturally smile, my heart lightens. I was once just like her. Carefree and young. I had life in me. But now.. Lifeless I feel, just like a flower, slowly withering away. My fragrance, lost.
I look outside the window. If I could, then I would capture everything I see. Unclear they are, but at least I can see. The birds chirp, and the atmosphere gradually cools. 
It is evening. Time to return home, and the same applied to me. As the sun slowly begins to set, the colours blind me..and I start to drift away.
My journey had begun.
Shades of yellow are slowly enveloped by those of orange, just like my youth was gradually taken over by old age. Life goes on, and change is inevitable. 
Transition.. I was always scared to face what lay beyond. But now, lying here, I watch the colours change..silently, counting every breath of mine. Feeling each heart beat.

Yellow..still breathing.
Orange..still alive.
And then, it all went black.

They're moving me, touching me. But I feel nothing. I smell fragrance, I hear sounds.
But I feel empty, my soul - light. 
I carry no burden, no possession. Slowly I begin to drift into the universe. And then, I see light..and I know that this is not the end. There is nothing to fear.
Tomorrow, the sun will rise again, and soon I will bloom again. 
Till then, I will fly with the wind..cherishing the life I was gifted with.