Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lovers And Siners- Guest Entry (Peter: Final Part)

I picked up my clothes and ran behind Serena.

I was scared and insecure about what was to come.
She was never good at controlling her emotions and I had to stop her.
I caught her hand at the door and she pushed me back. Slapped me, again and again.
I knew she was weak, too weak and my soul pained for being the reason.
I looked in her eyes, just to see my guilt-ridden face drowning in her tears. I left.
It has been over a week. And I hadn't talked to her.
Kia called up and I have been ignoring her calls.
I know how to fix things with Serena, I could have done it then and there.
She loves me and she'll understand it was a mistake, an unintentional mistake.
But, I didn't.
Something had changed and I felt it within me.
Was it really unintentional?
Had I failed to recognize the love that ran in my veins.. misread the eyes that had spoken a life without saying a word, every time?
Her smell, her skin, her touch, it was irreplaceable.
So what was it then? I... I don't know.
It was Kia, hadn't I known that the very Goddamn moment she opened the door and held me?
But then she was majestic, and the pleasure was irresistible. I wasn't forced, the flow was natural.
I don't remember having that passionate a kiss with Serena since forever.
There was something wild that got free within me, in those few moments.
So, I knew.
It was over between me and Serena, then and there.
She loved me and I couldn't have held on to her any longer, my conscience would bite me.
But then what was it that I did? Hurt her, as bad as I could afford. I.. I don't know.

*Phone rings*
'Kia calling'.
She filled me..she craves for me.
I pressed the answering button and heard her.
'Hello! Peter, are you there?..
Hello? I need you..'. I cut the phone.
Why? I.. I don't know.
I wish there was someone to understand, to tell what was it that I am feeling. Do you?

Written By: AJ :)
Thank You :)
Image Courtesy: Google :)

With this I come to an end of Lovers And Sinners. :) Thanks to each one of you for reading.


  1. em i 1st one??
    and AJ yaar tussi chaa gaye...!
    the original story still lingers in my memory and smells fresh,..
    and and did i tell you, that title is awesome. :)

  2. nice....i like this wrap up. an unconventional love story...nice job

  3. Good work there! I had to scroll and find the earlier parts before I could reach this one. But Kudos to the level of story telling.

  4. Whoa, now that it's over I am already missing this story and the characters. Hoper to read a new one soon!

  5. Juhi, you can mature into a professional Mills&Boon kind of author! Very impressed..

  6. absorbing read... but alas like everything in the world, it comes to an end... we will miss it :) thanks for sharing...

  7. Wow..nice ending.. Aj has done it again..i really loved the turmoil peter undergoes in his mind...!! Loved this ending too..!!!

  8. It was an absorbing read ree! You didn't kill the intrigue and the reader went on gaping in till the end.
    PS: I wish you'd involve less sub parts from next time :)

  9. Omg AJ has written it superbly. I loved this end! It seems so cool.. great job!

  10. Ah.

    Kia and Peter are right for each other.
    But the hurt that they all feel..

  11. Aaah, the finale :).. nicely written :)

    Hope all's well with u PhilO..:)

  12. This was interesting.. Different.

  13. Thanks everyone.. :)
    @phoolo: meko tag toh kar deti :| :P



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