Friday, January 27, 2012

Awards :)

Yes, so I got awarded. All thanks to Tay Tay :)
Now if you don't know who this girl is, then you must check her out, cause she is awesome :)
Thank you so much for the award Tay Tay! You're a total sweetheart :)


Post the award on your blog with the rules
List three things you would change if you were the overlord
List the blogs you're awarding and leave them a message :)

If I were the Overlord..

*I would make sure that nobody goes hungry in the world.
*I would make Harry Potter and Hogwarts real =D
*Whenever a person thinks of chocolates, tons of them will appear :D

Now, I'll be passing on this award to a couple of bloggers I have recently come across and who are worth checking out :)

*Xain :)
He thinks I'm a dude cause I like cars and games :) His writing leaves me wondering all the time. And for the moment we started talking, I don't think we've ever stopped laughing :)

* Capturing Life :)
Her writing is so flowing. It's beautiful. And I love the pictures she posts :)

* Prime :)
His blogging tips are so helpful, and his comments are always so sweet. Thank you so much Prime for the wonderful tips :) You're a genius :D

*Dreaming Wanderer :)
I can go on reading his poems :) Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

*Sie :)
She's a wonderful lady. I've never come across someone as strong and beautiful as her :)

*Sujatha :)
She's another lady I really look upon to :) I love reading her posts and I always look forward to her comments :P

*Sagittarian :)
She's a total sweetheart, and she can write just any form of poetry so well! It's just amazing :)

*Princess Fiona :)

The queen of poetry..I need not say more :)

Thanks a lot to all of you for reading.
You're all my inspiration and each and every reader matters to me :)

Philo :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


"Trust me. There's no way that I can sing in front of you."
"Well, I don't care. You just have to!" I thrust the guitar into his hands and sit down in front of him.
"You won't ever give up now, will you?" He sighs as he strikes a chord.

"We got this afternoon

You've got this room for two.."

His eyes are shut, his voice mesmerizing. Soft..calm..just beautiful. His fingers gently move, the rhythm comes to him so naturally.
I just sit and listen. And that's all I want to do.
"You were wonderful." I say, once he stops.
He laughs. "Your body is my wonderland." He kisses my shoulders gently.
"You should really try for the competition, you know. You'll get through."
"You don't get it Lucy. I can't sing in front of people." He snaps.
"Just close your eyes and think that you're singing to me. Do it for me. Please.." I look into his eyes and hold on to his gaze.
"There's no way that you'll give up, right?" He smiles, and pulls me into his arms.

"I wanna leave with you, gotta take you home..I can see it inside my head.."

The's familiar, the unknown.

I'm pushed to the corner. I stand there in the dark. The tickets were all sold out by the time I had reached. But then, I just needed a corner, somewhere where I could hide and watch you sing.
Isn't that what I've been doing from the past years? I'm used to it now. I'm one from the crowd who come to watch you perform. Just one of them..nothing else.
Your eyes are shut while you sing. Your voice, breathtaking. And you look amazing, just like you always did.
As soon as you end the song, there is a loud applause. A rush, and you're surrounded by all your fans.
I stay in the corner, and yes, you do catch my gaze. But then, you look away. You smile at the photographers, you get lost in your new life.
I quietly leave, blinking my tears back, tearing the ticket I held ob to for so long.

People change with time. And so did you.

I dump your guitar in the bin. It's high time that I move on. No, I will not hold on to your memories.
You're just a stranger to me, another star who has an old past.
And yours is ME.

Picture: Google :)
Coming next: Awards =)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


“I don’t wanna hurt him anymore,

I don’t wanna take away his life...

I don’t wanna be a murderer.”

I lie on the crumpled bed sheet, alone.


I close my eyes, tighten my fist, and try to stop the guilt from growing, from eating me up. It wasn’t the first time. I should have been accustomed to all of this by now, but no I’m not. I don’t think I ever will…yet I continue to do so, and yet I lie in his arms, and crave for him when he’s not around.

The pictures appear in my mind. Flash backs. They always do after he leaves. And I always try to shut them from my mind. But it’s next to impossible. No, I don’t love him. I already have a lover, and he? He already has a family. It’s just the craving, the desperation, and the intense longing of being loved. He caresses me, he’s firm, strong, and I easily melt inside him. When he’s besides me, he is all I see. I don’t think about anything else. The world just seems beautiful when we lie next to each other, exhausted.

And then, he leaves. He does not kiss me goodbye. Nor does he hold my hands. He just leaves, saying that we’ll meet soon. He leaves me that way. Alone. That is when the guilt rushes in. It’s difficult to wash it off. It’s not love. It can’t be. I already have a lover, someone who loves me, who kisses me softly, who holds me, for whom I mean everything. But when I lie in his arms, I don’t melt. When he kisses me, I don’t feel that gush inside me.

Where as with him, I do…

“I don’t wanna do this anymore”

I wipe my tears, dress and change the bed sheet. I erase what all just happened. I shut the door and leave. I bury my sins till he comes over once again. Till then, I’ll lie with my lover. I’ll fake a smile. I’ll lie.

Yes, I’ll lie. And don’t ask me why.


Picture: Google.

Lyrics and title: Rihanna- Unfaithful

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Under The Duvet Lies Us :)

Soft Touch,
Strong grip..
Your gentle lips
Touch mine.

Warm hands
Lingering over my body
Your desperate mouth
Biting into my skin.

Broad shoulders
Engulfing me..
Racing heartbeats,
Intense longing

Heavy breaths
Our eyes locking

Under a duvet
On a cold winter night
We unite..

Picture: Google :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dewdrops On The Leaves..

I wake up to the chirping of the birds. I sit up on my bed and look outside the window. The sun is finally coming out. The cold is making its way out. But the mist still lingers in the air.

It’s early. Yet, I’m no longer sleepy. I pull a sweater over me, and slowly slip out, so that the others would not wake up.

I pull the curtains apart, and find my dog awake. She does not move, as I come to her. She does not wag her tail, or leap at me in joy. She just stays there, looking at me… After moments of me just holding her, I put her belt on, and take her for a stroll.

We walk over the steep hills. The dewdrops are still there on the tea plants. There is greenery all around and the smell of the fresh leaves spread all over.

I breathe in, and take in as much as I can.

I keep walking, not wanting to turn back. I keep walking, even when my legs hurt. I drag my feet till I reach the stream. I dip my hands into the cold water. It freezes me, but I don’t pull them out. I let them become numb.

I see my reflection in the water, and when a tear drops into it, my reflection is gone.

When I pull my hands out, they are blue. Blue like the hills I can see in the distance.

The sun is totally out now. A man on a cycle passes by me. The day has started. And my final day has finally drawn in…

I make my way back home. I run down the hills, and my dog races with me. I tumble over when she leaps onto me. I laugh, and she barks.

By the time I reach home, I’m tired. I fall asleep on the steps of the veranda and wake up only when my mother tells me that it’s time to go…

I don’t move. My hands still feel numb. I pat my dog, and just sit there hoping that it all just turns out to be a dream. I want to find myself in my bed. I want my mother to wake me up cause it’s getting late for school, and not because we need to leave.

But no, I snap back to the reality. The house looks empty. There are boxes all over. We were really leaving.

I kiss my dog goodbye. She just looks at me. And when I turn away from her, she barks.

I sit down in the backseat of the car. I close my eyes. I don’t want to look back. I somehow take my tears in. The barking seems far now... It grows faint. I open my eyes once I cannot hear it any longer.

We cross the tea garden… I stretch my hand outside the window and touch the leaves. I can still feel the dewdrops. It was as if they were calling out to us, telling us not to leave. I stick my head out and breathe into the air. I take in as much as I can. I don’t want to let it out, but I finally do, and break down.

I don’t want to leave. I want to remain in the wild, among the trees…on the hills.

The sunlight dries my tears. It burns my skin. I stick my head back in. It’s silent. My parents, my sister and I…we just sit, not knowing how to react.

I fall asleep, and wake up only when my mother shakes me.

We are at the airport- our final destination.

As the flight takes off, I look down at the land I left behind me. I look at the only place I know I belong to...

My life changed after that. I don’t know if I like the change, but I know that nothing could be done to stop the change.

But I do know, that my heart still longs for a chance to run down the steep hills, and to feel the fresh water in my hands once again..


Image Courtesy: Google :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rainfall Of Memories..


My coffee is cold. I have no intentions of drinking it. The cafe is about to close, but I do not move.
It's pouring outside..

I'm finally pushed out by the waiter. I ain't got no place to go to. Home feels empty without him even after so long..

I hurriedly walk wrapping my arms around myself. There are no taxis around. I stand under a tree, waiting for the rain to stop. I'm cold.
I'm lonely.

A car stops besides me.
"Do you want a lift?" He asks.
'Yes please' I say, and get in besides him.

I look at him, and he looks back at me. Our eyes meet. He holds my hands tight. "I knew I'd find you here." He whispers, as he comes closer to me.
"Walk me home, will you?" I ask.

He says nothing. We get out of the car and walk. There is silence.. But our hearts talk.
And when he pulls me close, and presses himself against me, our love reunites.

We spend the entire night on the steps, watching the rain fall, letting it bring back memories.. and letting the silence connect us once again!

With this I come to an end of my story :) Thank You to all of you for reading.


Monday, January 9, 2012

The Fresh Smell Of The Earth.. Fresh Love

(Way Back..)

As I walk into the cafe, he's already there. He's wearing his favourite white shirt, and as he sees me, he smiles. I'm immediately drawn towards him, and his stare makes me conscious.
I sit down besides him.

'Hi' He says. 'Hi back' I say.
And, we click!
We spend the entire evening talking. Laughing. Living.
With not a single moment of silence..

"So, do you want me to drop you home?" He asks.
"How about you walk me instead?" I smile.

We hold hands as we walk. It rains. We are completely soaked, but our footsteps remain slow.
We splash in the puddles, we laugh, we run. And when I fall, he carries me home.

"You're beautiful." He says, coming closer.
I laugh and push him away. He comes closer again, and I don't move. I lay my lands on his chest, as our lips slowly meet.
"You won't leave?" I ask.
"Nope. We'll always get drenched together."

We spend the entire night watching the rain fall.
Talking, laughing and living.. Wrapped in each others arms.

Next: Rainfall Of Memories.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Drenched Together..

(Lost in the rain)

We sat across each other. His face is blank. Expressionless.
I look at him, trying to meet his eyes. But the looks away, refusing to meet mine.
" what?" He asks. "I..I don't know." I manage to say. "You always say that. You were always clueless and that is why we are here today!" He laughs. A sarcastic one. He's rude, bitter and harsh.
I gulp down the lump that was starting to form in my throat. I have nothing to say, yet there is so much I want him to know. My hands reach out to hold his. He's warm..but the warmth feels unfamiliar. He does not pull back. We sit in the silence not knowing what to do.

"It's late. We should go." He finally breaks the silence. I want to stay there, with him holding me. My heart refuses to let go, but my feet somehow drag me out. I follow him..clueless as ever!

"Should I drop you home?" He asks.
"No it's fine."
"Well alright. Bye then!"

"Can I hold you for the last time?" I ask.
I breathe into his neck, and he envelopes me in his arms. I cling to him, and he holds me tight.
He finally breaks free. Kissing me on my forehead, he walks away.
I stand and watch him disappear. And once he's no longer visible, I walk back home.

It rains, and it brings memories..

Coming next: The fresh smell of the earth, Fresh love.