Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hiding under these wings on loneliness,
My skin of life I have drenched with my tears.
I don't dare to look up,
I lie still in my world of heart aches and pain.

My eyes are afraid to blink,
I can't hear anyone call my name.
The door of love in my heart is locked...
It's just me with a cover of sorrow.

I lie awake in the dark,
I want to scream, but no words come out.
My lips are numb and dry with fear,
I no longer no what is happening here.

My hands are cold with blood on them.
Blade marks are all over my body
But, it all has no effect on me.
I've become so uneven to the pain
I have become all that I had dreaded, would happen to me.

I fought and got up every time life played with me.
All those aches I lived with in my heart.
I did not let go of myself,
But now...
I'm helpless, these wings of loneliness I no longer can fight...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moments With You

Looking at you from a distance,
Your hands inside your jeans pocket
With a bag-pack hanging loose behind.

I hide and settle down my hair,
Then I come out to find you smiling at me.
Your messy hair falls on your face,
And slowly you slide your hands around my waist!

I've never had such a feeling,
Never felt as safe as when I am with you.
Just those three words from your mouth
Makes my heart melt...
Oh! I feel so warm and true

Those silly games we play with our fingers.
Those serious talks we have with our heads close,
Those chilling and breath taking moments we have
When our lips touch...

When I'm not with you
I feel so lost and incomplete.
Just want you to hold me close,
Just want to be with you

Friday, November 13, 2009

I’m sorry for being so bad.
I really didn’t mean to hurt you mum.
I’m sorry for giving you so much trouble,
I’m sorry,
Because of me you had to suffer.

You have sacrificed so much for me.
You gave up so much for my happiness.
I’m sorry for letting you down mum.
I feel terrible for all the bad I have done.

When I’m angry,
You sit besides me for hours.
When I’m sad,
You hold me close,
Saying you understand.

When I don’t find my things,
I shout on you.
You leave whatever you are doing
And help me find my things.

You don’t watch T.V
Just cause my serial’s going to come.
You stick by and watch my teenage shows
Trying to get a clue,
Maybe you’ll get to know something about my lifestyle.

When we go shopping together,
You first let me select.
Later you shop for yourself,
Only if your choice fits your budget.

You don’t say a word
When I play the rap music you hate.
Even if your head hurts,
You pretend you like it all so that I don’t get upset.

When I’m angry on somebody and take out my anger on you,
You listen.
But when you do the same,
I bang doors on your face.

You do so much for me.
You’ve given up everything to fulfill my demands.
You hide all your pain, and smile…
While your heart is rotting inside.

I know I’ve hurt you mum.
I know I’ve been so mean and selfish.
I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve been giving,
But I love you, even though I never show.

I try mum.
I’m really trying to change.
It may just take a little time,
So please don’t get upset and trust me,
In sometime,
I’ll be the best daughter alive.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

*Star Light*

With my ear plugs in my ears,
I stand in my balcony in the winter night.
As the wind blows, I feel cold.
But I still stand bare feet,
Feeling the chill strike me hard…

It’s so strong,
I can almost feel it deep in my heart.

It’s all dark outside.
The moon is half hidden behind a cloud.

I stare at the single star out in the sky.

While all the others are hiding,
Not showing their light.

This little thing is brave,
It’s out in the cold…
Maybe it is scared, but it’s still out
Showing some hope.

I tap my fingers as the music plays,
I hug my knees and cuddle up in the corner.
I hear the clock struck one,
But my heart shows no notion of going inside
In the warm.

I sit in the corner,
And look at that star.

My body is numb
But my heart
Wants to be a companion to that brave thing
That is out there in the cold air.

I want to be with that star,
Because I know what it is like
When you have to stand alone…
When everybody leaves you and goes into the warm.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

200th Post :) (: [Dedicated To All Who Read It]

All my creativity, imaginations, memories and dreams I wrote on sheets of paper,

And then one day I decided to share my inner feelings.

My dad got me to join Blogspot,

And today I’m here writing my 200th post!

Blogspot is now like a home to me.

When I don’t know what to do,

I post, I read, I comment and I learn about other lives.

I love reading your feed backs,

You’re all so kind and nice.

Thanks to all of you who comment,

You really make me smile

When I’m all lost and upset,

You all treat me like a little princess

With your comments that say,

‘Are you really fourteen, girl?’

Deeps, whose wondering what’s up with my profile picture…

Chocolate lover, who I think is a girl like me…

Sulagna D, whose so very sweet to me,

Bella, a cute blogger friend,

And Uncle Jack, who really shows me hope.

Sawan’s awards

Tara’s sweet comments…

I love you all so much,

Thank you for noticing me.

I freak out when I see a new follower,

If I ever be a writer,

Trust me,

My book’s gonna be dedicated to all of you,

(If I ever think of publishing one :D)

Thanks to Yellow Tulip, Pramoda D…

And all the others.

Hope you all keep commenting on my work,

And I hope we keep in touch!

Have a great day :)
Take Care!
Lots of ♥,
W!nk ♪♫