Saturday, April 27, 2013

From: Dirty Dancing

Your grip tightens, as you pull me closer.
Our eyes lock
While time seems frozen.

A step closer

You turn me around

I run 
Right into your arms.

With our bodies close enough,
Close enough..
To feel you breathe

Closing my eyes, I sway..
To wherever you lead. 

The perfect moves you make me take
And those looks..

They make me melt

Transfixed I am
To this dance of ours
And to you

I surrender, my whole.

The music starts to fade, 
While the lights gradually dim

Bringing me to face you
Sliding into your arms

Letting the dance end.

So close,
I cannot breathe..
Your heart fastens
While mine skips plenty of beats;

Looking at you,
Eyes once again locking..

Smiling and wondering
If you feel the same.

Standing in the dark
Still enveloped within your arms,
The applause we shut

My eyes slowly close
While you..

Turn me around once again

Letting the dance
Never end.