Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Bonds.. (part 3)

I wake up with a start. I quickly get dressed and rush to the hospital.

I run into my mother's room.. I thank God that she looks better.
Sitting down besides her, I take her hands in mine.
"I love you mum.." I say. "You read my diary, didn't you?" She asks. Her voice is a whisper. It is lifeless and weak. I nod my head, not being able to speak.
She lifts my hand and kisses it. She then places it over her chest. Her heart beats are slow..
"I'm sorry." I say.
"Don't be. I always knew you would come back someday." She smiles.

We look at each other..tears fill in both our eyes. I hold her hand tight.
"You will be fine mum. You need to fight." I say.
"Now that you are here, I will fight.."

(A week later)
I walk into my room. It looks brighter now. I lift the picture that was hanging on the wall. I replace it, and hang it back.
I look at it and smile.
It's a picture of a girl holding her parents hands. It's a picture of a happy family.
The girl is me. The two people on my sides are the ones who never stopped caring..

It's my parent's anniversary today. I bake a cake for my mother. I help her cut the cake and feed her. She's happy. She looks beautiful.
Once she falls asleep, I cuddle her into my arms and fall asleep besides her.

I will keep her safe, just the way she did when I was a kid..

So, I did manage a happy ending :)
Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and for reading :)
Take Care!


  1. aww thank you for a happy ending.. though I was still craving for a bit more.. this is good work PhilO :D

  2. i think you did well with it...i hope again she finds love and balance between family and love...

  3. Philo, am so happy with this nice ending and your lovely comment you left on my blog!!Wish your family bonds grow stronger by the day as the parents stand like pillars to support...

  4. hieeeeeeeeeeeee.... thanks for that comment..!
    yes you managed a happy ending
    moms are so dear.. too dear to be kep away .. too dear to loose them. i love my mom...
    omg i got emotional..! :)
    <3 i loved this little story.! :)

  5. This is very nice indeed.

    Take a look at my series too

  6. Such a cute series this was. Loved the ending. Mothers are worth everything! Parents are really living Gods.

  7. :-) sweet ending...congrats...:-)

  8. aaahhaaaa :):) a happy ending indeed and it was really sweet and brilliant too :) and somebody was telling me that they couldn't write stories with happy ending :P P

  9. you did well and I love happy endings..

    Someone is Special

  10. you did well and I love happy endings..

    Someone is Special

  11. lovely one, i missed the other parts.. i will check them too.;)

  12. Two of us read this together.
    One of us nearly cried...
    Wonderful and awe-inspiring. Keep it up.


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