Friday, July 22, 2011

Her innocent laugh,
Her glittering eyes.
Her light heart..
Flies high!
Nothing to worry about,
Lost in her own world,
She swings...
Hoping she will reach the sky

A shadow's cast
Over her innocent life...
With a heavy heart
She tries to fly.
Lost in a maze, of guilt and lies,
She swings high
That her cries will be heard.
That she can find the glitter lost in her eyes!

[Picture taken from Google]

Friday, July 15, 2011

Blinded By Your Love.

You take my hands in yours,
Pulling me close
You guide me out.

The taps fills my heart,
Bringing a smile to my face.

You lift me in your arms,
And twirl me around..

I feel the raindrops on my neck,
As you bring me down.

You cup my face in your warm palms,
My hands I lay on your heart.

Your wet lips you place on mine,
This time
Your smell fills me up!

Taking my hand in yours,
I feel you slide your love down my finger...
I feel your kiss on my hand,
I hear you say...

You want to be with me forever.

Tears roll down my cheeks

I reach out to you
Pull you close..

I trace your face with my fingertips,
And tell you,
And I won't ever let go.

I feel...
Your face twitch into a smile
Even though I can't see you,
I know you're looking into my eyes.

Even though I'll never be able to look at you,
I know
I'll always be the angel of yours eyes!