Monday, June 25, 2012

Warm touch, Caressed love.
In your enveloping arms
I die.

Warm lips, firm grip.
When you lift me up,
I come alive.

Closed eyes,
Your breath is all I feel
Surrounded by you,
That is the only place I want to be.

Undying love
You make me strong..

Your one touch
Can bring me back to life

Friday, June 8, 2012

Knickers and Love (Part 2)

Picture from the movie The Uninvited

“Su, lets click a picture!” 
I keep all the shopping bags aside and stand besides her. 
We grin into the camera.
“Nice! Now keep clicking my pictures in every dress I try.” Sania thumps the camera into my hands and locks herself back in the trial room. 
I look at our picture and smile. 

“How do I look?” 
“You know you look great, don’t you?” I say, looking up from the book my head was buried into.
“No, my hair looks bad. I want my hair to be like yours. Do something about it, will you?” Sania sulks and sits down besides me. 
I comb the strands of her hair and twist it into a bun. 
“So, where is that gentleman taking you?” I ask.
“Don’t know yet. It’s a surprise.” She says smiling. “Thanks for doing the hair.” 
“Have fun!”

“We kissed. And it was amazing.” I open my eyes and see Sania sitting besides me. I roll over and sleep again.
“Su. Talk to me. I need to tell you the details.” She tugs at me to get up. 
“Tomorrow please. I’m tired.”
“Fine. Be a bitch!” She says. She hugs me and falls asleep. I eventually hug her back.

Sisters are supposed to be close, right? 
Soul mates. Best friends. Soul sisters.. They are meant to be everything. But it was different with Sania and me. 
We were never close. She led her own life, and I led mine. Rarely any secrets sharing, no crying with each other during break ups, no mutual friends, no nail painting together. We were just sisters. Well that is what I always thought.

The days passed. And so did months. 
The house got busier day by day and Sania grew happier. 
Soon the big day was about to arrive.

Coming next: Final Part :)
Meanwhile check out Gotye: Somebody That I Used To Know

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blank Pages..

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Picture from Google

It’s funny 
How people change with time, or rather how we do. Traits that we never knew about suddenly start to surface, and then the relationship starts to get blurry. Long talks are replaced by short conversations, and those friendly warm hugs are replaced with formal ones. What went wrong, we never seem to figure out, nor do we try to mend things. Our minds remain firm, our ego keeps rising. But our hearts? They feel empty. 

It’s funny 
How easily we tend to walk away, or rather how we can watch someone else walk away from our lives. We make somebody feel worthless, or we watch ourselves getting stabbed. When we leave, we tell the other person to hold himself or herself together and to remain strong. But when we are told the same things, we can’t stop our hearts from breaking.

We turn our backs to things and simply walk away from them, thinking that we’ll never have to face them again. But is that really the case? 

It’s funny 
How years later, when we come across those broken relationships, we cannot meet the eyes of the people who once meant so much to us. We let go so easily, but coming across those broken pieces once again, leaves us with nothing but a heavy sigh.

Looking at their faces, unable to understand what it’s trying to convey to us, it’s funny how we easily fake a smile and then simply walk away. 
In the end, we’re like nothing but a blank page. We go around writing and erasing our lives. We fly from one place to another, and even if we get soaked, how does it matter? We’re blank. What is there to lose?  

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