Sunday, November 6, 2011

*Awards* =D

A hello to all of you :)
Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for reading my work and for following me. I never thought that my blog would ever come such a long way. Whatever my blog is today, is only because of you guys. Your comments make my day and motivate me to write even more :)

it's my 301th post today. I don't really do awards, but I would like to thank a few very special bloggers who have helped me come such a long way.
I made this (stupid looking) award on paint. So kindly don't laugh at it :P

Specially, YOU! You know this is for you, yea? :D

Here it is then :)
..I would like to give this award out to..

Destiny's Child :
Her blog has a charm in it. It's very welcoming and her writing is simple, and from the heart :)

Brian Miller
He writes about things I can never think about! His way of writing, the way he portrays things.. It's just so different. It always leaves me wondering about how he can write in such a manner :)

Rahul Bhatia :
I've just started reading his blog. He is indeed very generous in commenting :) Thank you for helping me with my story's title :)

Savaiba :
The ever cheerful tigress :)
Her comments make me smile all the time :) The writing has a depth in it. And her first shot in writing a love story is worth a read :)

Red Handed :
When I first saw her pen name and the profile picture, I thought that she would be someone dark.. But her posts make me laugh :) She gives me my daily dose of random reading and she writes about just anything and everything! Her hand over writing is amazing and I seriously await to read her posts :)

The Blunt Blogger :
She's one of the most straight forward bloggers I've come across. She pens down what she feels like, and she does have very strong opinions :) Her name really matches her writing :) And I'm in love with her profile picture :D

Rahul :
Aka the Macho Man :)
His story 'Consumed' was amazing and his poetry is really good :) He's good with writing random things and his humour is something I wish I could have :) He flatters me a bit too much and his comments really make me want to write better :)

SuperNick :
This is one guy I can't miss out :) He's appreciated me so much, that I just didn't know how to react to all of the praises he had for me! When he first told me what he observed in my posts, I thought that he had been stalking me :P But when I went deeper into what he had to say, I realized that he was so correct. When ever you want to read something light, hit his link :) He's bound to cheer you up :) Still laughing, Prithvi?? :P

Being Pramoda :
Her posts are usually short, but they mean a lot :)

Crystal :
I have no words to describe her writing. They are deep and intense. And her writing has an effect for a very long time :)

Rose :
A new blogger but a very old friend :) Her writing style is totally different from mine, and she is my all time critic :D She inspires me to write, and she is very curious :) Rose, don't call me up now and ask me what I meant. PUT THE PHONE DOWN :D

Ovais : He's my all time favourite! :) The guy who is truly madly and deeply in love and who is always breathless :) You are Amazing Ovais :)

Jyoti Mishra :
She's a complete sweetheart :) I love her writing style :) Her comments really makes me smile big time :)

My list will never end, so I'm sorry if I miss any of you out. All of you mean a lot to me, and you guys really keep me going on :)
Thank you once again.

Take Care.
Have a nice day :)

Philo xx


  1. yeyeiieee--
    i hope em the 1st one :)
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww your such a doll :)
    those cute stuff toy dolls who have big eyes and a red lips and they have this pink blush :P
    thankyou so very much for your
    KIND WORDS :) i am overwhelmed :)

  2. Awww you are one lovely girl....and an glad you came up with your own award too... <3<3<3<3


    and supernickk i.e. Prithvi...:-D he is a bum...and i have been told too that he sounds like a stalker...

  3. OMG an award for ME??? You're such a darling...thank you so so much.. you just made my day.. and thanks for those sweet words, really!

    You did that on paint? It's so cute.. I love the personalisation :D ..

  4. What a pleasant surprise!! This is so special as it has all your creative talent on display!! You made it all the more special as you even gave title to your new blog based on one of my comment! So sweet of you!!! Many thanks and wish more power to your pen!!!

  5. thank you kind lady...smiles...congrats on 301 and i wish for you 300 more...i enjoy your story telling ability as well, so i will be sticking around...

  6. Hi, thanks yar..;) keep writing..:) loved the award:)

  7. thanks for the award...:-)i owe you one..

  8. I, inspire you to write? This coming from the one who got me into writing in the first place? You've got to be kidding me.

    And I will get back to you for calling me curious! Thank you so much. I will be honest and say that this was a complete surprise. Thank you once again. :D

  9. Areee Mummy aapne suna! Aapki beti ko award mila!!! :D
    Thankyou sooooo much girl!!! Means a hell lot! I am soryr for commenting late. Reached home yesterday and was kept a little busy.
    Thankyou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very much!

  10. Heyyy! I suck, suck for not being around. My net had died, and my last post was scheduled and all .. bahhh! But anyway, more than being happy on getting an award I'm elated that we have SO many mutuals. All these people you mentioned are writers to look out for..I'm sure!
    You're the kindest! an award is always overwhelming!
    And I just read the last part of the story.. I'm so happy its a happily ever after, well almost! :)
    Keep writing, smiling and being SO lovable. :)

  11. :):):) am smiling really big...!!! A customized award n the pic s sweet too.. :):) Thank you so much...!! Those were really sweet words.. (except the stalker part.. Really ?? I mean why on earth do people feel that ? )

  12. I really like your blog. Especially family bonds. can you kindly take a look at mine too

    I just want feedback from some talented bloggers. Rock ON!

  13. congo Juhi for your 301st post.. :) and hows life ??

    Weakest LINK

  14. Firstly Apologies for responding this much late :( I've been away.

    n many thanks for this award honey it really means a lot !!


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