Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spin me Around :)

Put your hands around my waist,
Let me lean on you,
Let me feel your breath
Let me feel your heart beat with mine.

Look into my eyes
And only listen to the music playing behind.
Let the beat capture your mind,
Let me capture your soul.

Put your one feet forward
And then let the other join.
Tighten your grip around me
And just follow me around the dance floor.

Breathe into my neck
Hold me tight,
Feel free
And shake along with me.

Don’t look around,
Cause it’s just me
My moves, my soul…

Breathe into my hair,
Feel those lights beaming into you.
Match with my moves,
Spin me around and round.

Let the music get into you,
Let the beats make us one
Hold me.
Hug me.
Kiss me.
Don’t let go of me…

Cause it’s a beautiful night,
With just you and me

Sorry Guys But My Dance Obsession Will Never Go :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scared Hearts

She sits under the dinning table
With her eyes shut tight…
She buries her head into her pillow
But the screams don’t stop.

With every heartbeat they get louder,
Leaving that poor kid drenched with fear.

She does not dare to move,
Holding her teddy tight,
She picks up courage
And takes a look at what’s happening.

It’s just like another night,
She can see the broken glasses,
She can see her father’s feet
Pressed against her mother’s soft skin.

She wants to get out of the dark.
She wants to hold her mother in her arms…
But she’s numb with fear

She shuts her ears and her eyes
But she can still see her mum.
She cries softly praying to the Almighty
Keeping her fingers crossed.

It all goes on for long,
She hears her father slap her mother.
She hears more things breaking,
She feels her mother in pain.

It’s late when he leaves her alone,
Picking up courage, she walks up to her mother.
Both the bodies trembling with fear,
Hold each other, and try to comfort one another.

The smell of fear is all around,
She stokes her mother’s cheeks till she falls asleep.
Her hands tremble, she picks up the broken bottle
And smells the foul liquid.

She sits besides her mother
And prays to the Almighty,
Kisses her mother softly
And falls asleep besides her…

Hand in hand they sleep in the silent night
Dreading what the next day has in store for them

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Wanna Be With You Again

I sit on the last bench
And write your name all over my desk.
When the teacher calls out to me,
I don’t answer.
When my partner tells me to pay attention,
I hit her.

I sit on the last seat in the bus.
And keep staring out of the window.
I keep drawing our pictures on the windowpane
And when the the conductor tells me to stop,
I don’t answer and carry on.

Once I’m home,
I lock myself up in my room.
I hug your picture and sleep
Hoping you’ll appear
And sometimes I keep looking into your eyes.

With a blade in my hand,
I lie alone in the bathtub.
I stare at my hands
And then I think about you.

I realize it’ll just take a few seconds
And then I’ll be in heaven with you.
But then I remember your last words
And how you had asked me to carry on with my life.

When I close my eyes
I see you lying on the hospital bed.
And when I open my eyes,
I see a blade in my hand.

I always wonder if you can you hear me sing your favorite song?
Can you hear me whisper ‘I love you’?
Can you feel me when I kiss your grave?

The look of your eyes always makes me go weak.
I want to be with you
I want to see you,
I just want to know that you’re still there.

When I stand in the balcony at night,
I sometimes feel you’re there.
I keep trying to call on your cell,
Just hoping you’re there.

My mum says you’re there above me.
She tells me I should be happy
Cause that’s how you always liked me.
She holds me and comforts me,
But it’s you I want,

Please tell me you’re alive…
Please come back to me...

(Thanks Sonaksha for reviewing ♥ You're a real princess! )

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sway Me Away

When I hear that beat,
I just can’t stop my feet.

Within seconds,
I’m up with my eyes closed…
Swaying to the music,
It’s just me, my lost soul
And the rhythm to add up, behind…

I don’t care whose watching,
I let my hair down and move along.
The beats are my guide,
My heart feels so light.

It takes my breath away,
It takes my pain away.
I lose my senses,
I just close my eyes

And sway…
Sway to the music,
All night long!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Lost Soul

I'm Back :)
Yes, I still have two more exams to go...but they are not a problem. Thanks to all of you for your wishes! My exams did go well.
And so here I am!! :) ♥♥
I wrote a couple of poems during my exams. I even thought of posting them, but then...didn't get time.
Here's one of them!

A Lost Soul

A lost soul
With a broken heart
Wandering all alone
With nowhere to go.

But no one to hold on to.

Drenched with fear
But no one to express to.

Torn apart
Left alone.
Trying to find hope
But no one to direct

Looking for a warm hand
But no one to care.

No one to love…
Left to face the darkness
All alone.

[Clicked the picture from my balcony. How's it?]
Take Care then.
I'll be back soon :)