Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lovers And Sinners (Part 4: Peter)

I quickly dress up, and run behind Serena. She does not listen and my explanations go in vain. She does not want me near.
Kia is nowhere around. Serena pushes me out of her house and go away. I sit outside in the rain, hoping it washes away everything that had just happened.. I am left numb and I can't think of anything.
I wait for the lights to go off, and then I somehow make my way home..

I walk right into Josh's room. I needed to talk to my brother. But, he's not in. I sit down on the bed with my head in my hands. I can't even cry..
My eyes then catch hold of something shiny.
Picking up Serena's bracelet from the bed, I go numb once again..

I had lost Serena long back, and I never knew..

So this is how it ends :) Thank You to each one of you for reading my story and for your wonderful comments.
A friend of mine has written a guest entry on Serena. I'll be posting it soon :) If any of you wanted the story to end in a different manner, then you're most welcome to write your version of the story :) You just need to mail it to me, and I'll put it up!

Thank you once again :)



  1. awesome ending....i loved the twist..

  2. good ending to a great narrative

    but now that its over...feel empty :(

  3. oh this carries a sting in that realization that he had lost her long ago...

  4. Thankyou PhilO for that wonderful series. And I hope KIA dies. It was really sad. I loved every second of it.

  5. Darn! That was so amazing <3 Bro-Twist in the tale :P

  6. Woah, I was expecting a happy ending... but this was excellent.

  7. Awww, that hurts! Great plot twist! Can't wait to read the guest post!

  8. Very well crafted story and done with such ease! Await the guest post now!

  9. @ Rahul : Thank You :)

    @ Sujatha: Thanks :) I'll post another story soon :P

    @ Brain: Thank You for reading :)

    @ Hamza: Haha. You want her to die? Well.. I can't just kill her now, can I? Else the story won't end :) Thank you so much for following the series.

    @ The Blunt Blogger: Thanks :D

    @ Sub: Thank You so much :) Well.. I didn't know how to craft a happy ending for this story.

    @ Francesca and Rahul: Thank you so much :) I'll put up he guest entry soon! :)

    Loved how you took it forward!!
    Great series

  11. I'll take this up. May I redo the fourth part?? Jaldi batao!!


  12. Yay I followed the whole of it.and just a word, charmed.

  13. I like the way it ends. He got back at her without meaning to and that will help him recover, that she wasn't his. That he didn't hurt her without meaning to. That he made a mistake, but it wasn't the reason for him losing her.

    I probably don't make much sense.

    You should write a short story book :D

  14. This is a really cute little story! Amazing twist there at the end.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, love! <3

  15. so here comes my awesome comment for an awesome blogger who has an awesome blog and who writes awesomely
    yeahh bechara PETER- i pity him.
    KIA should be taught a lesson definitely :P :)
    but over all i love love love the story and waiting for the guest entry..!

  16. Hey Philo... you are amazing :)
    it creates a sense ov realization -

    keep it up!!

    love x

  17. haha. Very smart. I too wrote something similar a while ago :D This is fun. Oh and btw, this idea of narrating the same story from different character's views is catchy!

  18. nice ending philo.. loved it!! Keep going :)

  19. Wow ur words left me speechless:) Mind Blowing story it is.. Thanks for dropping a comment on my post or else i wud be unaware of such an amazing blog of urs:) Waiting for Serene's guest entry now:)


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