Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SiZzLinG WeEkEnd

Saturday night
My mood is so right.
Just gotta give him a call
And bring it on!
Gonna show him what it's like
Have to tell him I have it all right.
Gotta open his eyes
And tell him I want him oh so right!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back T() Y()u...

Am just so lonely without you.
So lost so scared,
I stand all alone.
Just wanna hold you,
Wanna feel you.
Can die
But just wanna be with you
Once again...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


They say I'm hard hearted.
They say I just can't feel.
They say I'm hopeless.
They say I just can't cry.
My heart weeps,
I cry at night.
I don't tell them how I feel
Cause they're all just so engaged with their work.
They are all busy,
Fighting and screaming at each other.
I just keep quite.
I do yell at times when I have no other option...
But how can they say that I'm hard hearted?
At least I don't throw stuff around my house
Or bang doors
Or blackmail anybody.
At least I don't roam about the house
With a grumpy look on my face
Or always telling them
About how much money they have been wasting.
At least I know how to apologize,
At least I know how to shut up when things get worst.
If being hard hearted is this,
Then I'm glad I'm hard.
Just cause I don't show my feelings
Even though my heart is over flowing with sadness.
Just cause I block my ears and listen to rock music
To feel good.
It does not mean that I'm emotionless.
It's just that
Every time I want to express myself
I stop.
I stop cause I know that they are not going to listen!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Hug me
Hold me
Squeeze me...
Be with me
Dance with me,
Keep holding my hand.
Kiss me softly in the rain
Promise me
You'll always be mine.
Promise me
You won't leave...
Promise me
You'll never turn your back on me.
Promise me
That I am the one.
And I promise,
I'll promise everything you want!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

L()st S()ul...()nly U Can F!nd Me...

I wish it wasn’t the way it is,
I wish I could have looked into your eyes
For some more time.
It had all just began,
When you left…
You walked away.
Bidding you goodbye
With tears in my eyes,
Letting go off your hand
Letting go of you…
It could have been the best summer,
For you and for me…
I dreamed,
But you washed away my dreams,
Took them all away, when you left
Turning your back on me.
I want to forget it all,
I want to move on.
But your memories still lie in me
And I can’t let go of your warmth.
What did I do?
What went wrong?
It was all so perfect, so good…
I can’t believe it’s all over now.

I sometimes try to forget you.
I try to let go
Of all the times we shared together.
I try to make myself believe
That it was all a dream.
But at night, I just can’t fall asleep…
I lie awake thinking where you might be,
What you may be doing…
Are you thinking about me?
Do you miss me?
Oh! I pray you do.
It’s all killing me.
I can’t forget you
I can’t breathe without you, I need you.
Your thoughts are killing me.
My heart can’t live without you…
At least, come back and tell me
Tell me what wrong did I do…
Cause I’m dying without knowing what went wrong.
I still love you..
And I want you to know.
HellOoo Guys!
I'm Fine Now. Finally Back To School! :p Still Have A Lil Cold But Rest, I'm Fine! Hope You're Okay! Keep Rocking! Luv Ya