Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas !!! :)

Hiee !!
Merry Christmas !!!!
Hope You All Have A Great Time !! :)
Party Hard...But Take Care !

So, here's a poem I've written on Christmas !

Bells And Cherries!
Santa With Gifts!
Snow And X-mas trees...
Christmas Is Just Full Of These.
Love And Plum Cakes.
Wine And Lovely Dances
Faces All Lite Up With Smiles,
New Year's Not Far Behind!
Shopping And Carol Singing,
All These Things Are Fun.
But In This Joy And Pleasure,
Deep Down, The Real Meaning Of Christmas Is Lost.
So This Christmas,
Join Your Hands And Thank The Person
Who Gave His Life,
So That We Could See This Wonderful Day!

And ya, as my exams are from the 2nd of Jan, I won't be blogging till the 12th of Jan. So, all of you have a great time....Take Care and seya all soon ! :)
Miz Me !!
I'll surely miss you all !!!


Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve always been one of those,

Who are scared to face their lives…

Afraid of being laughed on,

Who has a fear of moving on!

Can’t stand the crowd,

Won’t dare to sing in an open ground…

Always has a low esteem about me,

That I stand no where, anywhere!

Sometimes, I feel like nobody cares…

Even though I know that many do!

How long can I hide from the world?

And stick to being emo!

Emotions of all kinds are mixed in me,

I hardly know what I feel…

But one thing I know, that the feeling stinks.

Then why can’t I step up and leave the emo me behind?!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Make Me Bel!eve

Sway with me,

Hold me in your arms,

Look me in my eyes,

Kiss me goodnight…

And swear you’ll always be mine!

Leave your warmth behind,

Do come back and kiss me good morning…

Cause you’re like a drug,

And I swear you’re my addiction!

Can’t live without you,

Can’t think about a moment without you besides me…

So hold me tight,

Spread your warmth in me…

And make me believe that you’ll always be mine!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Turned 14 at last !!!

Hi Guys !!
Okay, so yesterday was my 14th birthday and I had a total blast !!
At last..I'm 14 :) Lol !! Mum gifted me a new cell !! :D
But now that my birthday's over, I have to seriously start studying cause exams are in Jan :('s my next poem! Next time, I'll post a new painting that I've made. you can say after ages :)

Late at night,
I suddenly wake up from my sleep.
I'm so scared,
Cause of my past deeds.
It's all quite, everything is dark...
It's just like me, when I lie!
drugs, cigarettes...what not I've been warned about.
But still, I get into bad company...get carried away! I ask myself why!
They think I'm innocent.
But only I know the fact.
I lied, I did wrong,
And now, here I cry!
I want to confess.
I know, I need to change...
Cause when I look into he mirror,
I'm scared of myself!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The ()ne My Heart Wants

You came, It was all very unexpected.
Cause I never thought I'd ever meet someone like you.
I didn't know what was happening,
It was all like a fairy tale come true...
Then suddenly,
It all started to make sense.
I knew, I realized.
You were the one my heart always wanted.
Without you, I'm nothing.
And when you're with me...
No one can find the pieces missing!
Your smile,
Your voice...
Everything about you is so lovely
That I hope it all carries on this way,
I hope you'll always be mine! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bl!nd Faith

Right from the beginning…
All these years…
Not a single step I’ve taken till you were with me.
You said,
Oh ya! You did say that we are one.
Those tales of us together,
Is it so easy to forget all that we’ve been through, together?
I never told you to stick to me,
I never wanted you to pity me!
If only I had known your plans,
I’d never be ‘er struggling to live my life!
I can’t believe you did this,
Cause blind faith I had in you.
You said you needed me,
Just like a heart needs a beat.
What was all that boy?
I mean, how could you tell all those lies?
And your lies seemed like truth to me!
Why did you do this?
In fact, how could I be a fool to let you mess with my heart!
And now I’m regretting, big time.
All I know,
After having known your reality…
One thing I’m gonna do,
Is, never fall in love!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A N!ght To Remember

It was dark.
I remember.
Just two candles lit the place.
Rose scent filled the room while,
Soft music played behind!
You stood there, waiting for me.
The lovely flowers you handed to me,
While you sat on your knees.
How happy I was that day,
That for a moment, you took my breath away!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When I Think of you,
I feel so good.
But when you're around,
No words are ready to come out!
When you smile at me,
I feel cold.
I wanna smile back
But instead I just turn red.
So many conversations,
With you I've had in my head.
So many times I've tried to express!
But when you're really near me...
I freeze!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Real Y()u

Oh Ya!
I'm smiling.
But deep down I cry.
I'm not fine..
But for you, everything's alright!
When I try to tell you,
You fail to see my sorrow!
When I'm in pain,
And wanna hold you close,
You're always busy...
And again, my pain is left in me.
I thought I had you.
I felt you knew.
You said you were mine,
But no!
I failed to see the real you...
Which I now know.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wash It All ()ut

It's all over,
Back to the begining,
Back to the time, you were a stranger to me!
Wish I could see who you were then.
Oh, how I long to go back to the past,
Someone put me into a timemachine,
I plead!
Back I long to go to the time,
When I didn't know you!
It was a waste,
You were just one of that lot
Who didn't try to step in.
You played with me
And failed to see that I really cares.
Oh! Please come,
Put me into a deep sleep.
Take me all the way back.
Let it rain hard,
Wash your memories out my mind,
Cause not knowing you, will be a very good thing to do!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hatred And Sorrow

I hate the way my life is,
Just sorrow and cries.
I hate the way I am,
Cause nothing in me is right!
Just hatred and sorrow around me...
Frowning faces hug me tight.
No one to love me,
Just sadness to care!
This life of mine,
Which is torn apart...
me at the center,
I wonder why!