Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lovers And Sinners. (Peter: Part 3)

I sit with my books in front of me, but I can't concentrate. I know I have to clear my SATS. I needed a scholarship. But, the letters look hazy, and tears form in my eyes.
The perfect evening had been ruined, and I realized that Serena has become distant from me. A side of her that I never knew has started to surface.
The only one who knows what is going on, is Kia. I'm sure about that. But there's no way that I can get to the depth of it.

I try calling Serena, but her cell is switched off. She didn't have any weekend plans, so she ought to be at home. I think of going over..
I needed her, even if she no longer did.

Parking my car outside the Saunder's house, I walk up to the front door. There is light in just one room. It was a good sign that Serena would be alone at home. Kia was supposed to go out with her parents.
I ring the doorbell and wait. Serena takes a long time to open.
It's dark inside. I look into her eyes..After a while, she looks away. She says nothing. Holding my hands, she leads me upstairs.
Her hair falls on her shoulders and her smell lingers between us. Her hands feel warm. I hold her close, and for once, she takes the lead.
Pushing me on the bed, she comes over me. 'I love you..' She whispers. I pull her close, and run my fingers through her hair. I wanted to talk to her, but I wanted to live in this moment.
Our lips meet..the sweetness gets to me. The short peaks soon turn intense, and before long, we are pulling at each others clothes, gasping for our breath.
She presses herself against me, and buries her head into my shoulders.
We belong to each other.

I lift her chin and look into her eyes. But she refuses to meet mine.

Suddenly, the lights go on, and the warmth I no longer feel. Looking towards the door, I see Serena burst into tears. I see the real Serena shatter. While lying besides me, I see Kia stare at me and smile. 'I've always loved you Peter.' She says. But I don't listen. She tries holding my hands, but I push her away.

This could not be real..
Coming next: Final part :)
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  1. oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring up the final soon!

  2. Whaaaaaaat is happening? :(
    PS : Did I tell you the title of this string is awesome?

  3. I knew you as a poet!
    You are an even better story teller! :D

    A little off from blogging somehow!
    Not nothing to post!
    No good boys in Loyola,trust me!

  4. I knew this was comin..!!! now am wondering how is it gonna end..!!! wow.. this is just getting more and more interesting..!!

  5. omg I knew this was coming..the moment she took the lead :/ .. aahh crap! Wow what story-telling girl.. keep keep going :D

  6. I often visit ur blog..actually me no more at jst dont feel the zeal to write..
    Anyway are u granting my request..pls do it.asap

  7. Ooops...whr the last part?? bring it on!!!

  8. oh did i not see that coming...nice...this could get really crazy...cant wait for the final...

  9. yaar ab to mujhe ek PETER chahiye...!
    twitter pe tweet kar deti hoon :P
    waisey jokes apart..!
    this is not beautiful not awesome and not goood
    it is THRILLING :) it makes me want more, listen more, see more, read more
    be 18 :) fast and then make a movie and call me for the premiere..! and PETER koi achcha banda rakhna..!
    i so pity the real SERENA :P
    and i came to know one more thing

  10. I love the way you handle the emotions. Nice twist! :)

  11. That is a great story teller which is emerging on the horizon!

  12. Good god! What did you just do :) I thought Juhi is this lil girl and look oh lord :D Hihihihahahahah! Women, are such bitches/the ones in the story/. I hope the poor guy doesn't kill himself after this.

  13. My God this is such an epic series. You seriously have the makings of a writer. This story is so romantic and dark at the same time and you're also building suspense. You should write a novel in a few years.

  14. now how did i miss this awesome part...woaaaah.......awesome...sheer awesomeness...:-)

  15. I had already guessed it :|
    Btw are they like really sexy, the twins? :P


  16. Loved this twisty part of the story...enjoyed it


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