Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have You Ever...

Have you ever seen the way I look at you?
Have you ever noticed me blushing when you smile at me?

Have you ever noticed how quite I go when we're all alone?
Have you seen that shine in my eyes when you look at me?

Have you ever noticed how I always try to look good when you're there?
Have you ever seen how upset I get when you leave?

There are so many such feelings I have for you,
But how to express them, that I don't know!

Cause you are with her,
And my feelings don't count.

Have you ever felt
That there's a special place in my heart for you?

And have you ever realized that my heart longs to be loved by you?

Monday, May 24, 2010

BettER OfF WitHOut YoU !

You’re kicked out.
The doors of my heart have closed for you.
You made me throw away the key
And now I don’t need you.

You made me cry
You played with my heart.
You tore me apart,
While you went out
Living your dreams!

I was such a fool
To think you loved me.
My heart must me weak
Cause your sweet fake talks melted me.

You pretended to love me
And when you got bored,
You left and dumped me
Like a piece of thrash!

You put the blame on me
Said I was a liar.
You said all kinds of shit
You treated me like crap.

Yes, I cried.
I was a fool to do so.
Cause I should have known you were fake
Your love was a lie
I was a fool to believe you all this time!

But don’t we say, love is blind?

But now I’m done with it.
I’m back and up on my feet.
I’m happy you left
I’m happy you opened my eyes.

I’m a new me and I so don’t need you.
I’m better off without you.

My life is too beautiful
For letting a guy like you ruin it!

I’m not crying over you.
You haven’t won yet.

You said,
Time heals everything.
This time,
Time will show you what you have lost!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Un Noticed

Lost Soul
Lonely Dreamer
Quite Thoughts
Drifting Away

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

♥ I'm Right Here ♥

For a very special friend :)
Nishit here's the post I promised :)
Hope you like it :p

Don't feel scared or lonely.
I'm right here so don't you worry.
Just give me a call and pour your heart out,
I'll listen to you till you haven't calmed down.

I'm not there with you,
But my heart lies in your happiness.
For a great friend like you,
I can give away my life.

So just close you're eyes
And let your mind be clear.
I'll hold you close
And vanish away your fears..

Just feel me close,
And you will be fine.
Trust me,
And you'll know you're fine...


Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Cry For You..

I’m lonely.
Will you comfort me?

I’m scared.
Will you wrap your arms around me?

I’m lost.
Will your eyes guide me?

I need you.
Will you believe me?

I love you.
Will you come back to me?

Hey Guys!
I know I'm writing just dark stuff nowadays, but I've got some happy ones coming up soon :) So bear with it till then :p

Also, a great friend of mine has stated blogging and he rocks. So do check out his space. He's crazy :) But he's a great buddy of mine, and your comments will really get him to write more cause his work is worth an appreciation :) His link is

Thanks Nishit for being there for me :) You totally rock!

Take Care guys!
I'll be back soon with better stuff :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Left alone to face this pain,
Yes, you left me...
Left me alone
With a heavy heart,
Ready to break,
I watched you turn your back on me
And walk away.

You didn't give me a chance,
All my explanations you just didn't hear,
You were not ready for anything,
You just walked away...
And I just saw you disappear.

Left with a mind and a heart
With just no feelings or emotions,
Just the tears flowed;
Only the chills passed through me...

I was left dumb stricken,
I was left alone by you.
While you walked away,
After shattering my heart.

I watched you become one
With the darkness;
I watched you disappear.

I watched my love leave me

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beat It All Out


Pump it.

Pop it.

Lock it.
Drop it…

Shake it.

Keep moving.

Let it all down…
Let it all out…

Dim lights.

Open heart.

Shake it all off…

Let it all pass.

Cause you have one life.

Live it with no regrets!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Separate Ways..

Things have changed,
We both know they have.
We have drifted away,
It’s visible…
So why hide the patch we have built,
In our hearts for each other…

It’s not like before any longer,
We can both see it,
The love is fading away
So, why deny?

We thought we were perfect for each other,
But maybe we’re just not meant to be together!
Nobody’s to blame,
Cause we were both mistaken.

I care for you,
And I know you do too.
But we just don’t click together,
It’s a fact and you know it too.

I can’t take it any longer,
This fakeness has been going on since long.
I can no longer see that shine in your eyes,
And I can no longer feel my heart beat with yours.

Maybe it’s just temporary,
Maybe we just need to get away.
Stay away from each other for a little while,
And see what happens.

I know you feel trapped,
It’s the same here…
The only difference is,
You don’t speak up.
But trust me,

I know what your eyes speak,
I recognize the hidden feelings you keep within.

They say,
‘Set your love free’!
And that’s what I want to do.
If our love is true, we’ll land up together,
And if we don’t, it means we were never meant to be together!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Pin Drop B.O.R.E.D

Hey Guys :)
Okay, I have been staring at my laptop screen with word open since the past two hours but I just can't seem to write anything :( The words fail to come out!! I so hate it!!
Anyways, I'm listening to this amazing song by Kid Cudi called Day n Night. Check it out if you've got nothing to do like me :)
The music is amazing and if you're a dance freak like me, you'll just be dying to switch off all the lights, and dance :) Yep, that's what I wanna do right now!
Dancing gives me this intense happiness which I think nothing can ever give me! I can dance anywhere and at anytime :) So...any of you wanna join me? :p Blunt Uncle, are you young enough to show me your hip hop skills :D
Alright, today I wanna introduce you to two of my best friends on blogspot who make me smile all the time! Blunt Edges[Uncle] and Rain Boy! Both of you totally rock my blogsphere :) Thank You for your amazing comments, Rain Boy and Blunt Edges, for your reviews! *hugz*
There are many more people on blog spot who have become a part of me. Lucy, who has recently started reading my blog. Thanks a lot for your comments. They mean a lot to me.
So...I've got nothing more to post today. The summer heat is getting on my nerves!! And I'm going for a shower!!
All of you take care :) I'll try to be back with something interesting soon. For now, here's a tag. Thanks Sakhi :D

Its quite an interesting tag and won't take much of my time. The rules goes like this:

RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.

RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent

Ever told a lie? Guilty

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty

Kissed a picture? Guilty

Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent

Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty

Held a snake? Innocent

Been suspended from school? Innocent

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent

Stolen from a store? Innocent

Been fired from a job? Innocent

Done something you regret? Guilty

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent

Kissed in the rain? Innocent

Sat on a roof top? Guilty

Kissed someone you shouldn't? Innocent

Sang in the shower? Guilty

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Guilty

Shaved your head? Innocent

Had a boxing membership? Innocent

Made a boyfriend cry? Guilty

Been in a band? Guilty

Shot a gun? Guilty

Donated Blood? Innocent

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent

Eaten cheesecake? Guilty

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Innocent

Have/had a tattoo? Innocent

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty

Been too honest? Guilty

Ruined a surprise? Guilty

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterward? Guilty

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty

Joined a pageant? Innocent

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty

Had communication with your ex? Guilty

Got totally drunk before your exam? Guilty

Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty

Anyone who's got nothing to do like me, can post it up :)
Take Care till then!
Love You All

P.S: How do you like the picture I posted? I love making stuff on my shoes :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Depth Of Memories...

1st May 2009.
Do you remember this day? We cut the cake at your house and then we went to US pizza. It was your birthday. You were crying cause he didn’t call. I was telling you it’s all right. Do you remember? Do you remember how close we used to be right from the beginning? We hardly knew each other that time and yet we used to tell each other everything! Funny, isn’t it? How we trust people so easily and blindly! I bet you’re regretting it now.
I gifted you pink colored glares. I sometimes wonder if you still have them! And I made you a card. I guess you don’t have that still! But if you do, can you feel the hidden feelings I had sealed in it for you?
Let’s get back to 18th April ’09. Lounge 9. Yes, that was where we met for the first time. You asked me if you were fat. I said no. I didn’t lie. Trust me. I never did. Not to you!
Remember CCD? I was upset. I had fought with my mum. You were upset too. Remember how we used to forget our worries just trying to make each other laugh?
Remember how I loved your Converse and how badly I wanted to scribble on them for you! Remember watching the final episode of Roadies together at your place and how badly we both wanted Nauman to win! And how you kept tagging me of facebook!
Happy days, weren’t they? Laughing for no reason. Playing in your society park, and you getting stuck at the height. Remember those sleep over at your place? Those long rides that took us to nowhere cause in the end, we had to turn back home...
Churches on Sunday, buying balloons on the highway, you breaking Jazz’s Tommy slippers…. I still have all those pictures and I look them many a times. What about you? Have you deleted all of them? Or do you still have them?
Our crazy nail paintings and girl gossiping!
Remember how we used to enjoy all the time even though we never had enough money!
The early summer mornings when we used to readily get up.
Riding during the monsoon, stopping everywhere to click pictures, to capture happy days!
Remember the scary house of Iscon mall? You, Paur and Ruch were so scared. You were going to cry!
Remember how you liked my hand bands?
How can I forget your kittens!
Our silly fights, long talks over the phone, our music and dance craze and your funny laugh to add to the beats!
Petrol getting over on the highway!
And what about, Say Cheese And Kiss?
Do you remember all these? Cause these memories are all so alive in me.
What went wrong? Everything was so perfect and then suddenly it all came crashing down. The five of us were so happy. Best Friends Forever. That was the name of my facebook album. Where did we go wrong? We were Best friends!
Whenever I go online, I do visit your facebook profile. All the time…I have a look at your pictures and I sometimes miss those days.
I don’t know why I’m writing this. You may not even want to read it. It’s 1st May 10. And this time, I’m not there. But, I’d just like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you’re fine and happy.
Just one last question…
After reading this do you wish you could go back to 18th April 09 and delete me from your life? Or do you wish you could go back to November ’09, so that we could resolve all those misunderstandings? Or are you happy we all fell apart?
You don’t need to answer these questions. I don’t even expect a reply. But, happy birthday once again Future Dentist! Study well. Take Care and remain happy always!