Friday, June 26, 2009

Sorry Guys!!

I'll ill.
My throat hurts.
I'm sleepy but I just can't sleep.
I'm scared to take tablets...
They're just so huge.
Haven't gone to school since three days,
That's really bad news cause I'm gonna be in trouble.
Big-Big trouble.
Really wanna stick on and check out your posts,
But my eyes are burning, I'm sorry dude!

Catch you guys later! Take care. Sorry for being so irregular!!! :(
Love Ya ♥♥

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Question Paper With Just No Answers

Have you ever tried to see what is behind this smile of mine?
Ever noticed those tears of mine that I can't shed in front of you?
Have you ever tried to feel my heart?
Ever felt the pain I carry inside me when you turn your face away?
Have you ever noticed how my voice falls down, when you say you're busy?
Ever realized what I feel when you're not there by my side, when I'm all lonely?
Have you ever seen my face when you talk about the other girls?
Ever tried to know what I feel when you keep your cell switched off?
Have you ever really tried to understand me?
Ever allowed me to know you better?
Are you ever gonna have time to clear these thoughts from my mind, from my heart?
Cause I'm sick of crying, tired of waiting.
And whenever I try to tell you what's going on...
You turn your face away,
While my heart bleeds in pain.
But you don't know that, do you?
And maybe it's gonna be very late
By the time you know what you're doing!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Beg!n!ng

Old photographs.
Good times.
Smiling faces,
Wish they could be ever lasting.
The ring.
The wedding gown.
First anniversary card.
The fake gifts.
Faded memories,
Dripping tears.
A matchstick.
Hardly a few seconds.
Burn it all away.
Wash them out.
Stand up strong,
It's not the end of the world!

Also, check out this new site I've joined.
Take care!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sexy Lady ()n The Fl()()r

MoVe ThAt BoDy Of YoUrS BaBy GiRl,

DaNcE AlOnG ThAt BeAt WiTh Me.

ThAt'S HoW YoU Do It.
Oh YeA!

MoVe YoUr BoDy ClOsE To Me!

Go To ThE RiGhT.

ShIfT A LiL To ThE LeFt.

k Me In ThE EyEs
AnD ShOw Me WhAt YoU GoTtA GiVe Me!

MOvE ThOsE SeXy LeGs Of YoUrS,

DaMn, I CaN AlReAdY FeEl ThE NaStY SiDe Of YoU.

YoUr ThE TyPa GiRl I WaNt...

So LeMmE ChUcK It OuTtA YoU.

GEt GoInG,

PuT Up YoUr ShOw
LeT Me SeE WhAt YoU GoT In YoU.

CaUsE I WaNnA FeEl YoU

WaNnA GeT It OuT YoU.

WaNnA GeT YoU RiGhT In WiTh Me!

So Give It All To Me,

I'vE GoT My CaR KeYs.

HoP In WiTh Me

AnD I'lL GiVe YoU AlL ThAt YoU WaNt!

AnD TrUsT Me GiRl,

YoU GoNnA HaVe JuSt No ReGrEtS...

CaUsE YoU'rE GoNnA Be In WiTh Me!