Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dark days

Clouds of shadows
Hurl upon me,

Leaving me

With no place
To run to.

There is no escape!

The wounds deepen..
The more I try

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Their Eyes Say It All..

They have so little, yet...they have no option.
They live, they smile, even though they are broken inside!
Their hearts bleed..
Their eyes say it all!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Together Forever :)

You cover me under your wings,
And place your hands on mine,
You look at me in the eye,
And tell me that everything will be fine.

When I fall apart,
And feel that nobody cares,
You come to me
And tell me that you will always be there!

My tears you dry,
My happiness you share...
In every step of my life
You have been there.

Our journey together,
I never want it to end...
A friend like you,
I never want to loose.

When I needed you,
You stood by me.
You have taken me
Just the way I am!

Many memories, we have together,
You are the reason behind my smiles..
You are my angel in disguise,
You are my best friend.

As you turn seventeen...
I wish you a very happy birthday
And I pray,
That you have a happy life ahead.

Life is not easy,
Times will be tough.
When you get lost,
Trust me.
I will be there.

I'll never leave your side.
We will stand

For You, Rose ♥

I love you :) Happy Birthday once again!