Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lovers And Sinners (Peter: Part 2)

Serena and Kia have always been joined to my hip. I would walk between the two girls, pretending to be a casanova. I would show them off. I felt they were mine.
But things changed. I always knew that Serena and I had a special bond. My world soon started revolving around her, and I gave myself to her. The closer I got to her, the more distant Kia became from me. When I got a lover, I lost a friend.

I grab the bracelet I had purchased for Serena and I take off to go to her place. Something was wrong with her, and I needed to know.

Walking into the twins room, Serena's smile takes my breath away.. She is my angel..
I take her in my arms and kiss her. She tastes sweet. Of Vanilla. I recognize the taste. It comforts me.
But, the sweetness is taken away when I see Kia stare at me.
There was something about her. I don't know why she changed. I loved being with the old Kia. The transformed her gave me nothing but creeps.
I put my hands around Serena's waist. She has the perfect curves. Waving at Kia, the two of us walk out.
The evening has to be perfect. I had to bring Serena back to me..
Coming next: (Peter: Part 3) Sorry, but this story is kind of long :) Thank You for the patience and for the kind words :)

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  1. Sorry I haven't stalked your blog in a while :(
    I like this. Interesting!!!

  2. i wish the parts were longer..the build up is awesome...:-)

  3. oh i dont mind at all it allows me to get into the characters...i am enjoying it...

  4. I agree with rahul.. I love the write up..wish they'd been longer :)

  5. I was wondering how strange would it be to have a girlfriend and a friend look like same and hanging out with both... creepy :P
    Can we have some cat-fight please :D


  6. Oh My! I so want the next part soon.

  7. Intriguing plot!!! You write very well!

  8. :) Fiction :) I chicken out on fiction mostly....The flow seems smooth though, and why bother if its a three or four part? Carry on <3 whichever you feel is apt way to progress the story....

  9. Nate and Serena! OMG their picture.
    Bad things happen to Serena in Gossip Girl. Draaat :/ Don't do mean things to her here. PLEASE. :P
    and I love the fact that you gave us Peter's side f the story.

    Waiting waiting.

  10. em that late :O
    this is so bad ..! :( *sobbing- wiping tears*

    but i want PETER :P
    this is like i was gonna write awesomness but then i realized it was more than that
    so em writing
    SUPER AWESOMENESS and and and theres some kind of MYSTERY ... i can sense it ..! :)

  11. i like this writing post :)really visual

  12. aha nice story...waiting for next installment...

    anyway dearie...i need a help..
    one of my sweetest friend is getting married in december..She has given me the responsibiolity to write the invitation mail for her marriage...I dont think i can do justice to that..can u please write something for me..plsss it a weired request i know..but pls help me out..my id is aritra6671@gmail.com please pls pls..

  13. He shud have remained a casanova :P
    Great stuff milady!

  14. You have the knack of drawing the reader in! :)

  15. awww I loved this post very much! Can smell so much of love in it :)


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