Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Bonds.. (Part 1)

The lock refuses to open. I turn the key a several times, and then the heavy iron lock finally opens..

On pushing open the door, the smell of dust fills me up. I cough, and make my way through, getting rid of the cobwebs that were sticking to me.
I keep my bags in the corner of the living room, and go about scanning the other rooms. The wooden floors creek as I walk on them, and it feels like they may break any moment.
The entire place is covered with dust and the stench of the dampness does not go away even after I spray the entire bottle of the room perfume!
I tie my hair back, pick up a cloth, and start dusting the furniture's. The dust particles fly, as I lift the white cloth off the chairs and tables.
While cleaning this old house, in which nobody has lived for years, old memories make their way to me.
I find old pictures..some of me, and some of others. My parents when they wee young, me as a kid, me with my grandparents.. Old diaries, filled with feelings, and walls with scribblings on them. Scribblings done on them by me when I was a child.
Sitting down, I scan through the things.
I wipe the dust off the pictures and look at them, trying to recollect each of them..bringing myself to the days I had left behind.
And as I flip through the pages of my mother's diary, I realized the pain she felt. And how shattered she was, when I left home, and how she had stopped living after my father's death.

I hold the diary close to my heart, and cry..
I blame myself for my mother being in the hospital.
(to be cont..)
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lights and Colours!

I draw a design with a chalk. The white looks empty on the ground. Lifeless and dull. Hardly visible.

I put my hands into the packet of colours and fill the design with it. Red, yellow, green, blue…

I go on filling till the white is no longer visible. It looks beautiful.

I smile and dust the colours off my hands.


Our life is empty. It is up to us to fill it with colours. We have to make it bright and beautiful. And the first step to happiness is a smile.

May this Diwali bring happiness to all of you!

Burst the crackers of your fears, of the things that hold you back. And light the lamps of your dreams.

A very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year to all of you!

Spread smiles! =)

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Take Care till then.


Monday, October 24, 2011

A year ago,

In the midst of the dark,

Sat a lonely soul

With no one to hold on to…

She cried her tears all alone,

Nobody knew how she felt.

Didn’t have anyone to run to,

No warmth, she felt.

Fear crept in to her,

Loneliness drenched her.

She didn’t know what to do,

Her cries were unheard…

She was breaking apart!

She had almost given up,

And then he walked in.

His gentle touch,

His kind words…

The warmth he gave her…

She felt safe when he was around.

His magic worked upon the lonely soul,

He took her in his arms,

Listened to her cries…

Told her that she would never be alone.

She slowly let go of her fears,

She gave in to him,

His softness caressed her heart,

He mend her soul.

She felt loved once again,

He stood by her,

Wrapping her in his arms,

He never let her feel lost.

He was her saviour,

He still is…

He is someone

She just can’t live without.

A year ago,

I was a lost soul.

You walked in to my life,

You became my life…

You are a part of me,

I’m incomplete without you.

You are my love,

And I just can’t imagine life without you!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flowing Words..Penning Thoughts.

When I started writing, I didn't know where I would be heading.
Earlier, I wasn't fond of writing, but then, watching my sister write, I decided to give it a try.
And so I did.

My first poem was about a cat who wore a red hat, followed by many more such poems which I now find stupid, but earlier they meant everything to me :) But then, those were just the innocent days during which I knew about nothing apart from my tiny world!

If given a chance today, I would love to go back to those days. It's better to be in a tiny happy place rather than being in a wide world, where I get lost in every direction.

But then, once we grow up..our life takes a road of its own, right? Do things really fall into place?

My next poem was about the death of my dog. I have never known anyone closely, who is no more. Apart from my dog. Her loss got me to write something that was beyond the words of my tiny world. What is death like? And how difficult is it to get over someone who is no longer alive?

That was the first time I realized that our lives can end any moment..and nothing in the world can be done..

I started writing more after that. The words kept flowing..and I started converting all my feelings into words.

Penning down my thoughts gives my mind a rest. Else I go on thinking about the things I experience or what others do.

The guilt..the pain..the love..and the longings..
Endless fantasies, and pricking truths..
What ever my mind feels, my heart pours them out. And those words take me on a journey of its own.

I don't have to think. My pen just flows along the pages, filling it up, and letting me breathe in peace!

I never thought about how important blogging is for me. But now, it is the only place where I can be who I want to be, and where I can breathe.. and let go of the things that bind me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Memory Lane..

Take me down the memory lane,
To the times when the days ere bright.
And I was just a little girl,
Who believed in fairy tales.

Take me down the memory lane,
When my barbie dolls were my world.
Put me in to a bath tub,
And let me blow away the bubbles of my dreams!

Take me down the memory lane,
When everything seemed so right.
Let me dance to the nursery rhymes,
And leave me with scoops of ice creams.

Take me down the memory lane,
When I lived like a princess.
Take me for a fancy dress competition
And dress me up like Snow White.

Take me down the memory lane,
When angels guarded my sleep.
Read me a bed time story,
And kiss me good night..

Take me down the memory lane,
And tell me never to fear.
Hold my hand, and leave me down there..
Leave me there,
And don't tell me the way to grow back!

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I'm back =D