Friday, January 29, 2010

Broken Apart

You left,
Leaving your imprint on my soul.
You left,
Leaving those memories in my heart.
You left,
Leaving me alone.
You left,
After pretending to care for so long.
You left,
Even though you knew I cared.
You left,
Breaking my trust.
You left,
Tearing me apart.
You left,
Leaving me on a condition
Never to love again...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trust Me...

Give your sorrow to me.
I'm here, so don't you worry.
You're not alone,
Close your eyes and you'll see me.
Hold my hand,
We'll fight through this mess.
Life's not easy,
But if we try together,
I'm sure we will succeed!
Don't be afraid to cry.
I'm here to wipe your tears,
You can lean on me,
I'll support you for as long as I can!

You told me to have faith,
You told me to be brave,
Now it's your turn,
To lift up your head
And face it all!

I promise we'll get through.
I'm with you
Forever, and that's true.
I'll hold you close...
You'll never be lonely,
Just have faith
And give me your hands.
I promise this won't last.
We'll get through this..
I promise, everything will be fine

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Blunt Edges told me that he was enjoying my 'Girls Rule' poems. So, here's another, and the last one :) This one's for you Blunt Uncle :D Lol! It's not dedicated to you. Don't worry! :)


You left.
You thought I’d cry?
God! Look at your face.
You’re such a laugh.

Don’t say sorry.
You’re spoiling that word.
Don’t bring me these roses now,
Else you’re gonna get kicked so hard!

Get a life, you jerk-head!
Move your arse outta my life!
Don’t show me your face again,
You slouch bag dork.

Where’s your blonde chick?
You couldn’t give her enough?
What are you, some kinda perv?
You disgust me totally.

Don’t sit on your knees,
Get up before I puck on you.
How could I ever like you?
You’re such a loser.

Thank you for dumping me.
I now know what life is all about.
I’m so very happy,
Thank you so much for leaving me.

Now that you’re alone,
I guess you should just sit in your Popeye boxers.
Suck your thumb
And cry for your Momma!

I ain’t your babysitter.
Go home and hug your teddy pillow.
I don’t know how to handle crying babies,
So shoo away you little brat
You're so not for me!

[I've been writing this just for fun. So, please don't take any of it personally]

This was the last post. Trust me :)

Take Care!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Silent cries,
Hidden tears.
My hurt heart
You fail to see.

I lie unnoticed,
You think I'm fine.
My heart calls out,
But you fail to feel.

Lonely nights,
No response from your side.
Drenched with fear,
I still lie waiting for you.

Time ticks away,
I don't find you near.
I realize it's gonna be another ordinary night
When I cover myself,
And hug my knees.

Letting those tears flow,
I feel my broken heart still break.
How I wish you could hear me for once...
But I know, you're far away
And I'm the only one to feel my pain

Monday, January 4, 2010

SinGle HoTtiE HiTs The ParTy ♥♥

Party hard,
Get drunk,
Move that body you’ve been gifted with,
And shake those useless thoughts away.

Dump those tensions,
Stamp on them with your cha-cha heels.
Pick up a glass of vodka,
Say cheers for now you’re single!

So what if he broke your heart,
Fix it up with a bit of girl talk!
Paint your nails and put on your skimpy dresses,
Hit the party, cause it’s time to dance!

Dump your cell,
Stop listening to boring sad songs.
Get up and look at yourself in the mirror,
You have a life, so LIVE IT baby!

He never deserved you,
That stupid piece of shit!
So why cry over him,
When he’s over some blond chick!

Dance to the music,
Party all night.
Hit the mall, get stuff for yourself.
Be happy, cause you’re single
Yet not available!

[P.s: Guys please don't take any offense. I'm just up for some 'Girls Rule' kinda thing!! :D Lol !]