Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Drives Me Crazy All The Time (cont..)

My friends teased me, told me that she was a tramp. But I didn't care. 
I sat besides Sonia, listened to her endless talks without complaining..and started to carry her shopping bags while she went about picking up everything and anything that she saw. 
I liked having her around. There was something about her. She was always so cheerful, so happy and she didn't care about any damn thing, and when I was with her, I could be myself cause she never judged. 
She was the kind of girl with whom I could talk about anything. She was blunt, shameless.. innocent and warm. 
She looked beautiful even when she had cheese dripping down her lips, and when she did her funny dance when she got drunk. A funny laugh, and a comforting voice. Yes. That was her, and as time passed, I started falling for her..though I tried to get the thought off my mind.
She was a friend.
Just a friend. 
3 Years Back

An year passed, and so did the other. Sonia and I were joined to the hip. She was my other half. My best friend. Nothing more. 
And then the time came..

Sonia's parents sent her abroad for her college. I wanted to go along, but my parents couldn't afford it. She wanted to stay, but she couldn't. She left, and I remained here..not knowing how I would go on without her. I was scared that I would lose her.
And I wasn't wrong.

We spoke for hours everyday. She kept filling me up with the things that she was upto, the guys who lingered around her, and the parties she kept attending. As usual, she went on and on. And I felt that I had no place in her life any longer. I started to avoid her. I started to make my life interesting. I stated to linger around girls, started to party. I didn't need Sonia to have fun.
We grew apart. The phone calls decreased, we drifted away. 
And then I stared to miss her.. her blabbering, the way her hair fell over her eyes.. I missed sitting besides her, watching her eat chocolates. 
I thought about her all the time. That girl was driving me crazy!
And then she called me, one fine day. 
I was going to meet her after three long years! 

I put on my best clothes, emptied almost half of the axe deo, hoping that she would cling to me like they show in the ads. 

She waited for me. In a red dress. As I walked into the cafe, my eyes searched for her. And when I approached her, she flung herself onto me. Finally I can say that the deo worked for me. Or maybe not. Maybe she genuinely wanted to hold me. Now I should shut up. I think I'm blabbering. Does that make me a girl?

She had the same warmth, the same old smile. And when we started talking, her eyes shinned, her talks were never ending.
And she looked as adorable as she did on the night when I sat besides her on her birthday.
She hadn't changed one bit..apart from the fact that I found her even more beautiful now!

When she held my hand and said that she had missed me, she drove me crazy once again!

Sorry if this was really long. I posted the story in a go, cause I'll be away for a while. Will be back once I get my net connection back :)
Till then take care.
Philo :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She Drives Me Crazy All The Time :)

Part 1 =)


"Oh My God! It's so good to see you here!" She exclaimed, as she got up to hug me.
"Yea, same here." I sheepishly say, ruffling my hair. 
She grins at me and starts laughing.
"What?" I ask.
"Nothing. You're still a couch potato." She says.

I smile. She hadn't changed at all..

4 years back


She drove me mad. Like literally insane! From the first day that she sat besides me in the 11th grade, she did nothing apart from driving me crazy. And all my efforts of running away from her went in vain. There was nothing that I could do, to get her off my back. 
She spoke a lot. No, she blabbered non stop. She could never keep shut. From pinging me on facebook, to calling me up at odd hours to actually waiting outside my house for me, she was everywhere! She was practically staking me. And the more I tried to get away from her, the closer she tried to come to me. 
My friends made fun of her, cause she ate a lot of cheese, didn't care about her weight or her dressing. They found her dumb and she was nowhere near being a girlfriend material. 
I wanted to get away from her, but then, there was something about that girl. 
So, when she invited me for her birthday party, I thought of giving it a try.

I had no idea about what to gift her. So I landed up with a box of chocolates. I've never really had any girl friends, and the entire female species were like alines to me. I found them weird with their hair straight one day, and all curled up the next day. I mean, seriously, don't they have anything better to do? 
As I approached her house, I could see her sitting outside on the porch, wearing a red dress. 
She looked adorable.
Yes, I did say that.
She looked so innocent, so pretty. Unlike the usual days, her hair was open, and they fell over her dark brown eyes. Her eyes..they spoke the words of sadness. 
"Happy Birthday" I say. I was kind of awkward as it was just the two of us. 
"Well thank you. I thought you would not turn up." She says, taking the box of chocolates.
"Err..But here I am. So where are the others?" I ask, as I sit down besides her.
"You're my only friend" She says as she looks towards me. She says nothing for a while, and then she grins and I can't help laughing when I look at the mess she has made with her lips while eating the chocolates. 
"You want one?" She asks. 
"Thank you" I say, trying to pick a melted bar of the chocolate. 

And so, this is how it all started..

Next: Part 2 :)
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Run To You

I don't even know why I called you up tonight. It's not like I had hopes of you answering. Nor did I really expect you to care..
But then, nor did I think that you'd be so cold. 

The last time we spoke, an year ago, we decided to part ways. But then, we didn't end it on a bad note. It was all mutual. Nothing was working out. We did say that we'd keep in touch to check upon each other. But then, none of us made a move. We didn't bother to ask if we were fine, or if we required anything. Were you waiting for me to make the first move? 
But today, I did make one.
I called. 
I don't know what I was thinking, but then, I just needed you.

I remember you holding my hands and saying that I could come running to you if ever I needed anything. 
That you would still be there.
But tonight, when my world crashed, and you were the only one I needed..
You hung up on me, without letting me say a word. 

You said I could come running to you.
But when I did..
I slipped.

And you just turned and walked away.

Listening to: I Run To You- Lady Antebellum :) 
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I can't write. Nothing comes to me. I'm just stuck in a phase. I guess I'll come back to writing about something better and different soon..Everything just seems dead.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Running away..
That is what I've always been doing. Running from every possible thing, from everyone who try to come close to me, to love me.
I find comfort in the dark..the only place I rest in. Hiding under the covers that bind me, that dig into my skin..leaving me in a condition to not feel again. I feel numb. The dark is where I dwell. It gives me the courage to run again.
What is it that I'm scared of though?
That a gentle touch may bruise me.. That the warmth may burn me.. That the love will turn into hatred one day, and that I will lie hurt, in a position to not run again.
I'm afraid to face the reality. I suppress my heart from beating out loud. Scared to be held, but deep down I long to be loved.
Lying under the covers and crying my heart out..and when I wake up, I cannot face who I see in the mirror. 

I turn and run. 

Deep down, I just run from the person I am. Afraid I am, to love myself..
It's only in the dark, when my shadow lets me rest in peace.

Yes I'm back. Finally =) Hope you've all been good! 
And thanks a ton Rahul for the lovely post that left me smiling! :D