Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just A Week Left!

I've got just a week left and then I'll be back in school.
And it's my best friend, Udita's birthday in a week. i.e. the day school reopens, i.e. the 9th of June!
On the 4th of June, my cousin sister's coming over for a month from the U.S. She's loads of fun. Can't wait for her to come. But I can enjoy for just 4 days after that. Cause I'll be stuck up in school after that =( It's my boards after all!!!
Finally, I have holidays in my tuition. Till the 15th :) That's something good!
I'm reading this book called 'Shopaholic And Baby' by 'Sophie Kinsella'. So far, it's good!
I woke up at 3 in the noon yesterday. Can't believe I slept sooooo much! Hehe!
Saw this movie called 'Tuck Everlasting' yesterday. Next I wanna watch 'Angels And Demons'. Heard it's good. Any reviews from your side? And finally, I can't wait for Harry Potter. 14th June. Yay!!!!
Here's something I've drawn. Called 'Lime Light'. The picture's not very clear. Sorry for that. :)

Currently, I'm in love with Green Day's song, Know your Enemy! And well, that's it for now. Thanks for your lovely comments. Take care!
-- Peace --

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fake Memories

I stared at my laptop's screen saver and memories started to flow in my mind. Oh! I remember that picture. Susan clicked it on her birthday. I was wearing the black dress Danny got me. We look so happy. Danny was holding me tightly ans well, I felt so loved that day. Felt so me...unlike today. Wish happiness could be still. Every lasting.

As the picture changed, my eyes filled up with tears. I wanted to look away from the screen, but something keeps my eyes fixed on that picture. I keep staring at those eyes that could only see me once. No longer. I'm the past of those eyes. Those beautiful green eyes. They carried me once! Only me. It's funny how things change.

A cool breeze blows and dries up my tears while the next picture approaches. Susan and me. Best friends forever. She's always been there for me. Whenever I needed her, she was always there. The day Danny told me that it was all over, she was there besides me. And I knew that at a time like this when I was feeling so lonely, she was the only one who could make me feel better.

On Saturdays, Susan normally did baby-sitting. Her parents would be out till late nights and well, Susan didn't mind looking after her younger sister. After all she got paid! I picked up my cell phone and punched in her number. It was switched off. Maybe she was studying for the big Math test that was coming up. Unlike me, she studies. I tried her land line number but there was no reply. "Pick up!! Please." I said, and redialed.

"Hello." Susan said. She sounded like she had been laughing for a long time.
"Hey. What's up?" I asked.
"Ah, nothing really. Just you know, waiting for mum and dad." She said. I could hear someone laugh from behind. It kinda made me uncomfortable.
"Whose with you?" I asked.
"Just Laura and me." She replied. There was something in her voice that made me feel that she was lying.
"Umm. I was just feeling really low. I miss him Susan. I really do." I said and before long, I started crying.
"Babes, just chill. Danny was a jerk. You deserve better boys. Honestly." She said.
I didn't reply. Just cried.
"You just called me a jerk? Shhh...lower your volume." I figured out what was wrong. I recognized that voice very well. I...I was shocked. Whom where they fooling? Shit! I went all numb. I couldn't believe it was happening with me,
"Are you still there, Becky?" Asked Susan. She went all quite. She knew I knew.
"It's Danny, right?" I screamed.
"I...I wanted to tell you. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to..." Before she could say anything further, I hung up.

Never felt so betrayed in my entire life. My laptop's screen saver was changing. I could see those pictures. Those fake memories. I slammed the screen shut and closed my eyes. I laughed at the fool I knew. I laughed at myself. Soon, I was screaming. Screaming my head out. I pulled my hair and cried. And then. It all went blank. I felt dead. It was all black.


I could hear voices around me. I could feel a loving hand patting my head. I slowly open my eyes and find my mother besides me. The mother whom I thought never cared for me. "It's okay baby. I'm there." She says and smiles at me. I hug her and bury my head into her lap and cry. It feels a little normal to find that somebody cares....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

15 Days To Go...

Hi Guys.
I know I've become really irregular in posting. But it's just that I've become so lazy in these hols! It felt like my holidays have just started but now I realized that just fifteen days are left for my school to reopen. I'm kinda looking forward to get back to school cause I'm really missing my friends. But getting back to school means getting back to studies and that's something I'm really not looking forward to.
Our sections are gonna change this time, so...I hope my friends and I remain together. Like, my best friend, Udita and I have been in the same classes since the 6th grade. That's four years. Don't know about the 10th. Hope we're still together. I guess we will, cause we're gonna select the same subjects. Lets see.
I went over to Udita's place last night. Met her after a whole month. There was a lot we had to catch up with!
Afternoons are boring. All I do is sleep and get bored. My dad just got my library card renewed, so I'm posting this from the library. Got really awesome books to read!
Anyways, my time's up so I gotta go! Catch you guys later. Have a great day :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pop Sensation...Dreams Do COme True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

She gently holds the mike in her hands,
The curtains slowly move away from her way.
The crowd can’t stop shouting
As her eyes finally open to her dreams,
That has finally come true.
She can feel it in her.
She makes herself believe that she can do it.
A mixture of nervousness and excitement
Rushes through her skin,
As she sees so many of her fans
Out there to watch her sing!
She smiles,
Her eyes wandering through the crowd,
Opens her mouth slowly
Forgets about the stage fear,
She had for so long.
And finally sings her heart out.
Her voice fills the place,
It’s quite and everyone’s just lost in her beauty.
She’s like a butterfly whose just out from the cocoon,
New to this world…
But she knows
This is where she belongs!

For My Sis! Love Ya. Your the next star ♥♥ U already are 4 me and many more!
Take care!

Friday, May 15, 2009

SaiLin !n Bored()m..

I'm Bored. I'm Bored. And I'm very Bored!!
I'm in love with the song The Climb- Hannah Montana 3
Love the lyrics!!!

Last night I had nothing to do. And I wasn't sleepy. So I drew something!
Here it is :)

I drew it with a pencil and den added the effects with a marker.
Hope you like it! :)

Err...That's all for today! I'm outta stuff to post.
Take Care.
Have Fun!


Monday, May 11, 2009


Dead bodies all around, blood smell filled the place.
Gun shots followed by people's screams.
Children crying, everybody running.
Families breaking, leaving shocked hearts.

She held on to her mother's hand.
Ran as fast as her feet could take her.
Tried to keep up with her mother

They ran through the crowd
Their hearts beating fast.
Afraid of getting killed,
Like their other family members.

Tears ran down their cheeks.
Their feet refused to take them any further,
The bad were following them,
Trying to get them and kill them.

The bullet was aimed right at her head,
She fell with a bang, and let go of her daughter's hand.
The poor girl didn't know what was happening,
She sat down besides her mother
Numb with fear.

He ran through the crowd.
He was fighting all this time for his life.
When he saw his little sister and his dead mother,
He knew he had to get them.

She held on to her mother's hand.
Asked her to get up and take her away.
He came from the back and pulled her away,
Avoided her little pleas and cries.

He ran to save his sister from the bad hands.
He fought with them and tried to rescue his only family left.
He had almost caught her hand,
When the bullet was aimed...and his life was shattered,
And she saw another shocking death.

The five-year-old girl didn't understand anything,
She just cried and screamed for her mother.
She wanted to go to her brother,
But somebody tied her hands and legs
And locked her in the dark,
Where she couldn't see anything.

She was numb.
She was hurt.
Her hands were bleeding, she couldn't figure out anything.

The gunshots didn't stop.
She could hear the others screaming.
Each shot made her more scared.
They all reminded her of the family she lost out there.

And she figured out something.
She figured out what was going to happen to her.

This innocent little girl, who had just started to live her life!

Umm..Okay, I hope you liked my poem. Last night while sleeping, I was listening to this song called 'Zombie' by 'The Cranberries'. It's an old song, but it's very touching. I was inspired to write this poem from that song.
People are killed. Violence is increasing. Families are breaking. Innocent people are killed. Innocent kids are taken away.
It's really sad that today's world is so selfish. If this carries on, one day...we'll all be nowhere!
"Make Peace. Not War!"
I hope you liked my poem.
Take care :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Death ()f L()ve

She stands in front of the mirror.
Water dripping from her body.
Her hair clings to her face
While tears roll down her checks.
She closes her eyes
And she sees him,
She opens them again
And stares hard at her reflection,
Trying to figure out what went wrong.
Said he'd love her till he dies.
As far as she knows,
He's still alive.
She cries her sorrow out,
But there's nobody to listen.
She smashes her reflection which she sees
In the mirror;
Sits down all alone in the corner.
And says
Cheers to the death of love, forever!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RanD()m! ♥♥

Hi !
I know that nowadays I've become very irregular in posting, but well...I'm just totally mood less. Dunno why! And I have a lot of tuition homework so I'm like stuck up doing Maths for about two hours everyday. I have to start catching up on the other subjects also!
I cleaned my study able yesterday. After a whole year :D Got gum, bills and yea, I got Fifteen Rupees from it. Yippee! I'm not broke! Lol!
Here's something I've drawn. Umm...hope you like it!
Alright then, that's it for today!
Take Care :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm scared.
I feel lost.
Don't know what to do.
Don't know how I should feel.
Everything's going wrong.
I need somebody,
But when I call out,
There's just nobody!
They haunt me,

I want to see the light
I can't wait to smile.
But there's nothing that can make me feel alive!
It's only

Darkness and...

They have filled the spaces around me.
They are stuck to my skin;
I got no place to breathe.

There's just no option for me
But to be alone,

To get suffocated and
Live a dead life...

With myself

Umm...I got my results. I passed. But well...My mum's not happy! Life still sucks. And guess it always will!
Take Care!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mem()r!es ()f M!dn!ght

We've both known each other since years,
We laughed and cried together when we were small.
Remember how we used to hide under the beds?
And talk in there for hours.

Middle school was fun.
We shared all the classes.
Remember how everybody used to tease us?
And then you avoided me for days.

I was so scared in high school.
It was like a nightmare for me.
You held on to me, became my prom partner.
Even though I was not at all popular, unlike you.

I cried a lot when I had to go away to university.
When I hugged you goodbye, it felt as if I was going to die.
The look of your face, the tears of my eyes...
I couldn't believe that I wasn't going to see you for years.

Remember how we used to talk till late nights?
And when the clock struck was time for me to go to bed.
I never slept.
I cried thinking about you.
About us!

You were there for me when I needed you.
Always made me feel good.
You were my best friend...
And I didn't realize when my feelings for you changed.

I was glad when I was going home for my holidays.
I couldn't wait to jump into your arms.
Couldn't wait to see your face.
Couldn't wait to be with you!

When I arrived...i realized that things had changed.
There was someone else who had filled my empty place.
I couldn't cry. Nor could I be happy.
I decided to keep quite and not spoil things between you and me.

So here I am, back to Uni.
It's night and you haven't called tonight.
I feel lonely and scared.
But this time you are not here to dry my tears.

I want to feel you hold my hands like before.
I need you to tell me it's all right.
I know you cannot be mine now.
It's just me and my memories of midnight!

I have my results on Monday. That's like umm...tomorrow cause it's already past midnight. Guys, pray that I pass. Lol. I hope I pass!
Goodnight! Sweet dreams!