Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lovers And Sinners (PETER: Part 1)

I sit in the classroom and wait for Serena to come. She said that she would come early. She wanted to talk. But, she was nowhere around.
I turn back and see Kia. She sits on the other end. I notice her look my way. When I smile, she turns away.
There is something about her. The way she looked at me, her glances made me feel uncomfortable. It was as if she disliked me.
On the other hand, Serena was warm. When I am with her, my world feels perfect and complete.
Even though the two girls look alike, they are so different.

Serena walks in slowly and slumps down besides me. She has a scowl on her face, and her eyes are red. I pull her towards me, and ask her what is wrong. But she pushes me away. I don't try again. I feel Kia's stare burn my back. I fear losing Serena..
I don't know what she wants from me any longer.
Coming Next.. (Peter: Part 2)


  1. superb! you've a way with the emotions! :))

    but you are doing it again! pls dear don't make us wait for the next part. it is killing :(

  2. nice...perfect change of perspective to add depth to the story...very nicely done...

  3. i said before also i want a PETER :P
    this is something which i have learnt from you... writing the same story with different perspectives.. great id3ea.. i hope someday i am capable of using it..!:)
    watched roxstar today... :) i am imagining ranbir and peter together..!
    mera dimaag bilkul crushes wale mood me hai abhi..!:)

    waiting for PETER 2

  4. Nice unfolding of events! Await next!

  5. Keep it coming abae! I am absolutely loving this one..

  6. @ Sunakshi: Thanks You.

    @ Crystal: Oh God?! :D

    @ Valli: Thanks :) Do come back again.

    @ Rahul: Glad you're pleased :D

    @ The Girl At The First Avenue: Thank you for dropping by :)

    @ Sujatha: Thank you so much :) I'll post the next part soon :D

    @ Adam: Thanks!

    @ Brain: It's nothing compared to what you write :D Thank You :)

    @ Suvaiba: If you try, you will be able to write :) I'll be looking forward to reading it :D
    We all crush all the time :P Maybe A Peter will come your way soon ;)

    @ Rahul: Thanks a ton :)

    @ Red: So glad you like it :D

  7. Que o amor e a amizade
    Qua nasceu entre nós, prevaleça !
    Que você jamais me abandone!
    Porque eu nunca te abandorei!
    Não se esqueça estou te seguindo
    E te amando.
    Logo se Deus quiser voltarei com minhas visitas.
    Beijos com infinita ternura .
    Uma linda semana.

  8. nice one.waiting for the next

  9. nice story... people may be very similar in their outlook but very different inside... :)

  10. Aaah..the plot thickens :)

    Loved the way u changed the perspective of the storytelling to now frm the eyes of Peter...really, really very cool idea, PhilO!!!:)

    Waitin eagerly fr the next part the way u're buildin up the suspense, PhilO :)

  11. ahh... nice comeback... me wants more :D


  12. Engaging and wanting to read more! :)


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