Friday, August 28, 2009

Rocking In My Arm Chair Alone

I am weak,
My smile has faded.
I cannot get up easily
And hug my children,
Wishing them a good day.
My knees shake,
I need a helping hand
To get up on my feet.
I just sit here on my arm-chair
Rocking away to your memories!

Sometimes, I forget where I am.
Sometimes I don't realize I am alive.
Someone or the other has to shake me awake,
Reminding me, I'm here to stay.
My eye-sight is no longer strong
But I still keep looking at your pictures.
We were smiling in them, we were happy...
We were together in them

Sometimes, memories of that day haunts me.
And I see myself in black.
Everyone around me is in black
And I realize you're gone
And I am alone.

Today, on our anniversary.
I have nobody to take me to your grave.
Our daughter has grown,
She is away.
Our son is married
He has not called me since decades...

I wish I could get up
I want to come to you and tell you, I love you.
But I am weak, I sit still...
Closing my eyes, trying to blink my tears away.
I then feel your breath on my neck
And I hear a whisper
Calling out my name
Saying, "I love you dear
And we are forever"
You say.

It's all dark then...
I am in your arms
It feels like I'm flying.
I'm in your arms
You're taking me away.
My breath becomes calm
My heart beats in ecstasy
And I know I am coming to you
I'm sure we are going to stay

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I Stare At The Sky So Blue.
And I Wish I Could See You.
I Long To Be In Your Loving Arms
And Sail Through My Life With You!
Just Then A Tear Drops-
An Indication That My Dream Will Never Come True.
The Sky Will Be Blue
But My Dream Of Being With You...
I Know, Can Never Come True.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

*Cough* *Sneeze* = MEDICINES = :( :(

Yea, that's right. I'm ill. Nothing serious. But I'm down with flu in the wrong moment.
1. My exams are from the 10th of September.
2. My attendance in class is among the lowest.
My sister actually scared me saying that I might be catching the Swine Flu. But luckily, it's just normal flu. But normal flu is bad too :(
My throat hurts and I've been coughing all night :(
And I have been studying nothing at all from like a week!!!!! That actually scares me cause exams have almost approached!
I have to take 3 tablets 3 times a day :( One is blue and the other two are white. They are so scary and I'm so scared of taking tablets. I even had to take capsules. But that dose is over. God!! I took a capsule for the 1st time in my life. I got my blood test done, and the report was normal so that's okay! Nothing to worry.
Hospitals scare me. I mean, I don't like them. My mum told me she would like it if I become a doctor. (God!!! I'll go crazy!!) Hehe!!
Well, that's it. I have to take my medicines now :(
Take care!
And sorry for being so irregular!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


As time ticks away,
My heart cries a little more
Each second.
It's already one,
I can't believe
At three you'll be gone.
Feels as if you just came by,
Didn't realize how time passed by,
I wanna hold you more...
Baby please don't depart
Cause I need you now.
The times we spent
Every moment we touched,
Can't believe you have to leave,
Cause it had all just begun.
It's July,
September seems decades away.
How am I going to spend the whole of August?
Just waiting for you
To come and carry me away?
It's three now,
You've left.
Can't stop my tears from falling,
Can't take the pain.
Can't believe you're gone.
Gone away...
When it had all just begun!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

H!dden MeM()r!eS

Dark secrets
Hidden feelings
Rush into my veins
And sends a chill down my spine.
The times I lied
The times I cheated,
It all takes everything away from me
Leaves me numb
And scared with fear.
I feel cold,
I am all alone.
I feel more and more afraid
As those hidden memories
Play with my mind.
Play with my heart
That can take it no more...