Sunday, November 9, 2008


When I close my eyes,
It’s all dark for a moment…
And then I see it,
I see your face…
You’re smiling at me.
Your eyes so bright,
Your smile so warm.
I feel it all in me,
I feel loved!

You hold me in your strong arms,
You say that you love me…
I feel your heart beat,
I see that sparkle of your eyes!
The taste of your lips,
The ways you make me feel secure,
I love it all so much…
I realize that I love you so much.

Tears fall as I try to open my eyes,
I want to stick to my closed world…
The place where you’re mine.
But I realize,
I have to open my eyes and face the reality,
The real life…in which you’re not mine!


  1. that is terrible, so sad, but its written well!!! i love it

    and i know, but at the same time idk, cuz idk y i'm laughing so much... its weird

  2. omg! that reminds me of my post, and the guy i like! i love it! <3

  3. I'm laughing because normal people don't give away their identity and personal information. When that information is accessed by hackers and other "computer geeks", they can very easily ruin your life. Why would you want my google/msn id?

  4. Hey!! Awesome poem...I can totally relate to it..i love it soo much!!

  5. sEe myself in both of your poems..'Dream' n 'I wont be 4gotten'..esp the latter..
    i cant go to the link u gave me..=[
    keep on writing gal!!
    seriously your poems r better than mine..=)
    hows your weekend?

  6. So Sad,

    but we all know how it feels.


Your words mean a lot :)