Saturday, November 29, 2008


My heart skips a beat,
When I see you looking at me.
I just can't help smiling,
When you start to approach me.
By the time you're with me,
My heart has overflown...
Cause being with you
Is like the best thing I know!


  1. loved da poem!!its awesome!!btw there no1 to whom i dedicate my poems!!lozz!!

  2. yet another poem i can relate to =]
    im ok..though down with flu n cough at the moment..but im a'rite..
    thkx for bein my blog follower!
    n thkx for your comments gal!

  3. i love that poem :) and sorry your week has been boring :P

  4. OMG that's the best poem I've seen in like evur!!! XD

  5. That's such a sweet poem - it's beautiful :) Btw, thanks so much for the comments!

    So I you asked me before how old I was? I usually don't like to tell people over the internet. But I will tell you I'm a teenager :)

  6. That was so cute i loved it!

  7. i wear glasses, but its like when im in sunlight theyre like a greenish-brown color, but more green than brown, and when im inside, theyre brown. its realy weird. :)

  8. awesomeness!! anyhows, thanks for commenting on my blog after a while. i don't know... shes a friend... but really bad as a friend... and prob even a aquanitice (i don't know how to spell) more than a friend... but thanks for being considerate!!


Your words mean a lot :)