Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mean W()rld

It’s like everything out here’s a mess,

It’s like no one really bothers to care…

All they think about is them,

And leave the others to fill their tummy with sorrows.

All the heads are into counting their money,

Spending and wasting them like it's a silly game…

While some of them are out on the burning streets,

Struggling to earn a bit of grain!

What kind of a world is this…?

So nice to live in for some, yet so disgusting,

Where no one is ready to give a hand to the needy,

To all those who need a helping hand!


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  2. You commented that you didn't totally understand what my post were about. I want you to understand so if you have any questions about anything, ask away. - Bob

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  4. Hey! Great post - it really makes me want to make the world better :)

    & the reason I haven't been posting much, is because I've been having so much homework to do - it's getting a little crazy. But I'm really flattered that someone noticed my absence - thanks :)

  5. thank you, it was for me, um, its about somebody, so, thank you

    and i love that poem u posted, so true


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