Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't Y()u?

I thought that you were mine,
I thought that we were one
But never did I have this feeling
That you’d leave me when time comes.

The relationship we shared,
The time that we spent…
Does it all mean nothing to you?
Do you think you can move on after all this?

She’s nice. I know…
But why did you leave me
When she walked along…
Why did you break my trust?

The face of yours,
Which used to light up when you saw me,
Now lights up ever better
When you’re with her.

Why did you do this to me?
Can’t you see that I need you…?
…So badly…
I never realized how much you mean to me,
Until you left me!

It maybe my fault,
It might be true that I wasn’t what you wanted,
But you can always give it a second try…
Do you really need to desert me, and leave me hanging?

What about the bond we shared...
For so long,
Can’t you see that I’m incomplete,
Without the other half of me.
Can’t you give it another try...?
And start it all over again!


  1. haha i guess im going to australia =)

    and i love the poem! it is really good! =D

  2. I live in America. It also has lots of people, but only in certain places. Some areas are very crowded, some are not. Personaly, I like the not so crowded places where I can hike mountains and get away from other people. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm religious, but I wouldn't call myself that. A religion is humans doing things to get to God, that's not what I believe. I believe God did something(dying) to save humans (John 3:16). In other words I can't save myself from my sins, only God can, and he did. He gave every human the opportunity to accept his gift of salvation, all we need to do is reach out and take it. Alot of people are stuck in this idea that they have to do good things to get to God and Heaven, but God says that Jesus is the only way(John 14:6).

  3. Great poem.

    Though I have to ask if all these poems are true.

  4. great poem, love the picture :P

    and good, cuz some idiot told my friend he was absolutely in love with her, and later that day broke up with her... so it was for her to know...

  5. I love how this poem is kind of sad, but then at the end it's suddenly positive.


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