Friday, November 7, 2008

I W()n't Be Forgotten!

I so badly miss all that you once were,
That love in your eyes,
That warmth of your smile…
It all makes me wonder,
Where have you disappeared nowadays.

As time has passed,
Things have changed…
Somehow, deep down,
It’s as if you’ve forgotten who I am,
It’s like time has changed you too!

You don’t bother to pick up my calls,
I’m tired of leaving those messages on your phone,
Cause never do you bother to check your answering machine,
Nor do you bother to check on me.

I’m sick of the way you’re acting,
I’m fed up of hearing my friends say that you’re drunk all time,
Cause all these things make me feel guilty,
Guilty of being so close to you!

I don’t wanna know what’s wrong with you,
Cause I’m scared to ask you anything else…
Because I know what you’re gonna do,
Scream and make my heart ache,
Ache like I’m gonna die…

I don’t know how I’ve been taking all this from you,
I can’t understand how I’ve lived with you for so long…
But know that I know,
Now that I can’t take it anymore…
I have realized that I need to step forward and move on…

I don’t want to do this,
But I have to…
Cause staying with you is like hanging in between….
I don’t wanna walk with my head down,
Cause I know, I’ll be forgotten soon!


  1. think, that, thats my favorite one, idk y... its just really good

    and thanks :)

  2. Such sorrow..but strength too. Stay creative.

  3. omg! i love that poem! i think it's one of the best ones you've written =)

  4. hmmmm... i've actually slways wanted to go there, but i think... that i should give obama more of a chance, idk, i think he may help the image of of the US, even tho i disagree with alot of wat he stands for, america needs change, i think, he could be the best person to get us started, maybe... maybe it wont be so bad.

  5. Hey, thnx for the comment. I love your blog and poems. And yeah, some people are like that in this world. Hey no probs it's your opinion. Your pixs are pretty too =]


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