Thursday, November 6, 2008

The L()vely N!ght

The cold breeze blows so softly,

As I stand in my backyard...
I feel it dig into my skin,

It's as if it's whispering something to me!

The half moon in the sky,
Swaying along behind the trees...
Half hidden itself, it's so amazing to see...
How it's guarding us so well!

The stars around the moon,

That stick to the sky,

They're so far away from us...

Yet it's so wonderful to see,
How they're out to give us some light!

Why can't we be...
Like the breeze, the moon, and the stars,
That are so full of themselves,
Yet it's so great to see them come out,
Just to support the blank sky!


  1. nice poem, nice picture :P lol

    and ok, sounds good to me :P lol

  2. i love the poem and the picture! =)

    haha and i will

  3. its annoying how every stanza ends with an exclamation mark

    i know it is meaningless and petty... but i couldnt help but notice it. it just seems unprofressional.

    no offense lol


  4. indeed, but i wasnt criticizing your work. im too afraid of offending you anymore. but i will criticize it if you like.

    would you like me to?


  5. Hey, love the poem.

    And Yeah, I am on that proboard, anything a matter?

  6. tHe picture really suits the poem => both..
    U GO GAL!!!!!
    n thkx for that lovely comment..
    hav a fun weekend!

  7. hey thanx for the comment and you should see it

  8. thanks for commenting! i know, im so excited!!! thanks for loving my blog and playlist!! i like your blog too! :D

  9. Hey, glad you like my blog! I like the poem! =)

  10. I like the poem. See ya on the boards!

  11. Awesome poem! :) & I love the picture too.


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