Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roses Of Betrayal

You gave me that rose,
I still remember that day.
You sat on your kness,
And asked me to be yours forever.
Tears of joy flowed in me,
My heart was beating faster with joy,
Everything happened so quickly,
That it was hard to believe you were mine!
Days passed, everything changed.
The rose lost it's charm,
As I realized,
That you had given me the mark of betrayal.
Your love for me faded away,
I just wish I would have known,
Known that this was going to happen...
Never would I have accepted that rose from the guy I once loved!


  1. :( sad, very sad :( but i like it :)

    and i do the same thing, just wake up in thr middle of the night and start writing, the ideas just keep coming, its insane, aand weird, just all the sudden in a matter of 10 minutes i've writen 5 or 6 poems, with all different meanings... i've always wondered how that worked... ilove it

  2. Good. I thought you might be joking, and I'm glad you were. Thanks, I'm glad you like the picture. Yours are nice too, they definatly capture the point your trying to make. I notice a pattern. - Bob

  3. haha, ya, i get wat you mean, u seem to write alot though, ur always posting new poems :)

  4. hey you commented on my blog so I came to check yours out, I like it. how do you come up with so much material? I'm not a writer so I don't understand the ability to write so much, or so well. I really like your poems a lot.

  5. thnx 4 bcoming my blog follower!!nice poem!but is it true?


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