Tuesday, November 25, 2008

W!shes And Dreams...

Wish I'd have a magic wand,
So that I could get you to like me.
Wish I could cast a spell on you,
So that you'd start loving me!

There are so many wishes I'd ask for...
If only I could have that magic wand.
But I know that there's no such thing,
But still, I wish you start liking me!


  1. ello.... thanks for the comments but i really didn't write that poem its actualy lyrics to a song i like =] thanks though!

  2. cUte poem =]..
    theres a 'follow this blog' thingy..can u see it?..

  3. thanks, and i love this poem and the pic! very cool :)

  4. awe thank you for the comment!

    i like this!


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