Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wash It All ()ut

It's all over,
Back to the begining,
Back to the time, you were a stranger to me!
Wish I could see who you were then.
Oh, how I long to go back to the past,
Someone put me into a timemachine,
I plead!
Back I long to go to the time,
When I didn't know you!
It was a waste,
You were just one of that lot
Who didn't try to step in.
You played with me
And failed to see that I really cares.
Oh! Please come,
Put me into a deep sleep.
Take me all the way back.
Let it rain hard,
Wash your memories out my mind,
Cause not knowing you, will be a very good thing to do!


  1. its beautiful!!u gotta tell me 4 whom u r writting dis??

  2. i like this one alot
    and the photo is grrreat like frosted flakes :)

  3. this was beautiful. =]
    i can relate to this poem.
    you have an awesome blog.

  4. Very beautiful and emotional. I loved it

  5. This totally describes me and my relationship!! XD

    Btw this is Dibsy aka Agent D.

  6. you are 13 and you write poems like this, so mature... have to say juhi, u kick a**...

  7. Great poem!! I love the picture too :)

  8. i actually made a poem!! yeah!! anyways, saw u like linkin park. me too! they are like the best band.. ever... evers... and u write the best poems ever!

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