Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bl!nd Faith

Right from the beginning…
All these years…
Not a single step I’ve taken till you were with me.
You said,
Oh ya! You did say that we are one.
Those tales of us together,
Is it so easy to forget all that we’ve been through, together?
I never told you to stick to me,
I never wanted you to pity me!
If only I had known your plans,
I’d never be ‘er struggling to live my life!
I can’t believe you did this,
Cause blind faith I had in you.
You said you needed me,
Just like a heart needs a beat.
What was all that boy?
I mean, how could you tell all those lies?
And your lies seemed like truth to me!
Why did you do this?
In fact, how could I be a fool to let you mess with my heart!
And now I’m regretting, big time.
All I know,
After having known your reality…
One thing I’m gonna do,
Is, never fall in love!


  1. Thanks for the positive comment!

    And that's a lovely poem! <3

  2. there's nothing to write about :P

    ill post one soon

  3. this one's good...
    the one before... though i would name it 16 candles... from the movie... u know

    anyhow, thanks for the comment

  4. thanks i am glad you like the asome pics :) !!

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  6. Beautiful words and image. Love Avril too!


  7. Nice poem!!
    Thanks for the comment, but I'm sure that my other new layout is better than the other one.
    It's genious!!!
    That poem is saddd!!!!
    Oh well the duddette wont fall in love again.

  8. I find poetry and pop songs really cathartic in times of heartbreak. :)

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you keep reading.

  9. That's such a sad poem! I like the picture :)


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