Tuesday, December 9, 2008


When I Think of you,
I feel so good.
But when you're around,
No words are ready to come out!
When you smile at me,
I feel cold.
I wanna smile back
But instead I just turn red.
So many conversations,
With you I've had in my head.
So many times I've tried to express!
But when you're really near me...
I freeze!


  1. its awesome!nd i can comletely relate to it!but not due to ny loyala:)

  2. That's a very good question, also very controversial. The difference between a Christian and a Catholic is really nothing. Catholocism is just a very large "sub group" or denomonation of Christianity. Picture a family tree. Christianity is at the top and it's given birth to Catholocism, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, and about 15,000 others. These "branches" of Christianity have all developed from different interpretations of the Bible. Most denomonations agree on the key beliefs of the Christian faith like Christ' death, burial, and resurrection but some disagree on smaller issues like baptism, women pastors, ect. Just one disagreement within Christianity that the Catholic church has is baptism by Christening. Christening is the "baby form" of baptism when they are sprinkled with water to symbolize Christ' death, burial, and resurrection. This is unbiblical though, every account of baptism in the Bible shows you must be immersed in the water and you must also believe Christ died for you (Acts 8:36-39). Babies are too young to understand and therefore, should not be baptized. That's just ONE difference. As a Christian, I'm kind of ashamed that there are over 15,000 different denomonations and none of them can come to a perfect agreement about everything. I hope I've answered your question. - Bob

  3. :O


    "When you smile at me,
    I feel cold.
    I wanna smile back
    But instead I just turn red."

    I always turn red when he smiles at me. :) This is so good! :D

  4. did something happen to ur blog? the following link doesn't work anymore... anyhow, I'm gonna follow ur blog again.

  5. This is really sweet..and so true..I liked this one so much.

  6. Heya! I do'na have a blog, so if you could post you responses on yours that would roc! Where do you get the pix for your blog?? Flickr? I like them a bunch! Also, btw, about your Catholicism question, I posted some answers on Bob's blog if you are interested!
    I am in the 9th grade also. So what do you think of the states? Have you ever visited them? I love my country alotta. But, I have several Indian friends too. Actually awhile ago one of them moved back to India!
    Just wanted to say hi!


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