Thursday, December 11, 2008

A N!ght To Remember

It was dark.
I remember.
Just two candles lit the place.
Rose scent filled the room while,
Soft music played behind!
You stood there, waiting for me.
The lovely flowers you handed to me,
While you sat on your knees.
How happy I was that day,
That for a moment, you took my breath away!


  1. Hey, im good thanks. Howz you?

    Yeah people are annoying :|

  2. Thanks for your support.

  3. Your welcome. My plans are to put up the tree without bringing down the house and reflect on God's perfect sacrifice. How about you?

  4. thanks! it reminded me so much of him :)

    and i like this poem too! it was great! :D

  5. that somehow reminds me of sixteen candles from the 1980s or something... great movie... hmm... i think u shud probally change the title... just a self opinion that is...

  6. that was really good, thanks, sry about that, i'll explain in a post


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