Thursday, December 18, 2008

Turned 14 at last !!!

Hi Guys !!
Okay, so yesterday was my 14th birthday and I had a total blast !!
At last..I'm 14 :) Lol !! Mum gifted me a new cell !! :D
But now that my birthday's over, I have to seriously start studying cause exams are in Jan :('s my next poem! Next time, I'll post a new painting that I've made. you can say after ages :)

Late at night,
I suddenly wake up from my sleep.
I'm so scared,
Cause of my past deeds.
It's all quite, everything is dark...
It's just like me, when I lie!
drugs, cigarettes...what not I've been warned about.
But still, I get into bad company...get carried away! I ask myself why!
They think I'm innocent.
But only I know the fact.
I lied, I did wrong,
And now, here I cry!
I want to confess.
I know, I need to change...
Cause when I look into he mirror,
I'm scared of myself!


  1. heya!thts awesome!!but i guess u did no sin!

  2. hEy
    im ok..juz been busy with work..
    i read your past poems n like Frozen,The 1 My Heart Wants n A Night To Remember..
    looking 4ward to your painting! =]
    btw Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!

  3. hey happy birthday, and that poem is deep, i can realate to that feeling

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  5. hey if you want you can check out my woman's blog it's called Love's Notion she's a soulful poet and has an incredible flow fa real, she's one of my followers

  6. i guess i now what you mean... and i stare at myself... and see what i've become. but this poem is great. but i believe that ur not sinful.

  7. Happy birthday, darling!!!


    P.S. You are far more mature than your 14 years, and your beautiful poetry is a testament to this!

  8. i do feel a lot better, my throat doesnt hurt anymore and now i can breathe through my nose! its wonderful :)

    happy belated birthday! :)


Your words mean a lot :)