Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas !!! :)

Hiee !!
Merry Christmas !!!!
Hope You All Have A Great Time !! :)
Party Hard...But Take Care !

So, here's a poem I've written on Christmas !

Bells And Cherries!
Santa With Gifts!
Snow And X-mas trees...
Christmas Is Just Full Of These.
Love And Plum Cakes.
Wine And Lovely Dances
Faces All Lite Up With Smiles,
New Year's Not Far Behind!
Shopping And Carol Singing,
All These Things Are Fun.
But In This Joy And Pleasure,
Deep Down, The Real Meaning Of Christmas Is Lost.
So This Christmas,
Join Your Hands And Thank The Person
Who Gave His Life,
So That We Could See This Wonderful Day!

And ya, as my exams are from the 2nd of Jan, I won't be blogging till the 12th of Jan. So, all of you have a great time....Take Care and seya all soon ! :)
Miz Me !!
I'll surely miss you all !!!



  1. Hey girl.

    Thank you for your first lovely comment! Check this my blog, you have mood! :)))))))

    Merry Xmas to U!

    kisses: Janet

  2. Lovely poem. Praise be to the lord

  3. Gorgeous pic and poem!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  4. why thank you for the comment =]
    your blog is pretty stellar also
    i might further check it out later ;]

  5. Merry Christmas!

    Hope you have a good time :D

    good luck with the exams!

  6. Thank youuu, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas as well :D I love how you mentioned plum cakes in your poem!!


  7. Nice poem! & Merry Christmas to you too!!

    Will definitely miss your posts & comments - good luck on exams though :)

  8. Hey,
    I like your blog.
    It is good.
    You do seem sad a lot though, but hey we all are really.
    Good luck with exams.
    I am also known as Crystalsky414,
    but that was before I started my blog.
    Well. Bye.

  9. that's a very cool poem for Christmas. love it.

    hey, thanks for dropping by and leaving comment to one of my blog post. happy holidays! ^^

  10. Hiya Juhi,
    So sorry. It really sounded bad when I asked are you sad. I'm sorry if that was harsh. I get it tho. I can only play metal when I'm sad, and you can only write when your sad. What is it like in India? I've heard it's nice. Have you ever visited the States? Well, thanks for the comment!

  11. Very good poem. I'm confused though, are you a Christian? - Bob

  12. I love this blog and I totallly forgot to read it! So hi I'm reading it again :P Merry late Christmas and Happy late New Year!


Your words mean a lot :)