Monday, December 1, 2008

Hatred And Sorrow

I hate the way my life is,
Just sorrow and cries.
I hate the way I am,
Cause nothing in me is right!
Just hatred and sorrow around me...
Frowning faces hug me tight.
No one to love me,
Just sadness to care!
This life of mine,
Which is torn apart...
me at the center,
I wonder why!


  1. lovely poem nd awesome pik!!btw no one's tht unlucky guy!trust me:)

  2. Great poem! Thanks for the comment. No C is not my real name. I don't know why i picked C for a blogger name because my real name doesn't even have C in it. I was just feeling random. I just didn't want anyone to know my real name because I am paranoid about stalkers and stuff. lol.

    PS I rated this post superb!

  3. Nice poem, I love your blog! Thanks for the comment!

  4. That chick has tight pants.

    I emailed you!!! Didya get it??

  5. Love the poem your a fantastic writer! and i love that girls braclets and pants!

  6. I use to feel that way.
    Not no more.
    I was just being emo. Turns out I was never emo.
    And that picture reminds me of me because of the pants and the bracelets.
    I got LOTS of bracelets.
    I got 12 on and 12 off.
    I got more but I am not sure if I have 24 or more.
    Eh, well.
    Nice poem

  7. i love it :)

    orchestra was ok, it took me awhile to remember everything though :P


  8. thanks i like your blog to
    this pic is great :)

  9. Great stuff in a very small poem. all the best on your creativity.

  10. Wow! Those jeans look like mine! Do u like the states? I am homeschooled like Bob, I like it. Just wanted to say hullo!


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