Friday, December 19, 2008

Make Me Bel!eve

Sway with me,

Hold me in your arms,

Look me in my eyes,

Kiss me goodnight…

And swear you’ll always be mine!

Leave your warmth behind,

Do come back and kiss me good morning…

Cause you’re like a drug,

And I swear you’re my addiction!

Can’t live without you,

Can’t think about a moment without you besides me…

So hold me tight,

Spread your warmth in me…

And make me believe that you’ll always be mine!


  1. That pic is sooo tight where'd ya get that?

  2. That's so beautiful! And it has so much meaning and feeling wrapped up in it.

  3. Wow. That poem is so beautiful! I rated it superb!

  4. "Cause you’re like a drug,
    And I swear you’re my addiction!"

    i love those two lines! :D
    and i loved the poem! :)

  5. awesome layout!!nd how did u do tht updates thing??


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