Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Real Y()u

Oh Ya!
I'm smiling.
But deep down I cry.
I'm not fine..
But for you, everything's alright!
When I try to tell you,
You fail to see my sorrow!
When I'm in pain,
And wanna hold you close,
You're always busy...
And again, my pain is left in me.
I thought I had you.
I felt you knew.
You said you were mine,
But no!
I failed to see the real you...
Which I now know.


  1. I'm doing good. I'm always doing good. What style of poems do you write? If you play an instrument, you could put a tune to your words. - Bob

  2. great again. anyways, my fav song is numb. i used to think it was ok. but then i like it so much, i wanna listen to it over and over again. i think it was becuz of the music video. did u do the dibsy show thing?

  3. o yah your posts are great :)
    thanks for the comment :)

  4. this is so me and my friends. DX

  5. Hey (:
    thanks for commenting my blog;
    i know you did it wayy back in october i'm really sorry for being so late to reply i just haven't been on here.
    i love this little poem, its so cute :)

  6. My studies are going good. Right now, I'm studying 1 Corinthians 12-14. If you have a Bible, read it and tell me what you think it's saying. Just if you have time or want to. - Bob

  7. oooops!ur loyala guy betrayed u or wht???
    btw nice poem!!


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