Monday, December 22, 2008


I’ve always been one of those,

Who are scared to face their lives…

Afraid of being laughed on,

Who has a fear of moving on!

Can’t stand the crowd,

Won’t dare to sing in an open ground…

Always has a low esteem about me,

That I stand no where, anywhere!

Sometimes, I feel like nobody cares…

Even though I know that many do!

How long can I hide from the world?

And stick to being emo!

Emotions of all kinds are mixed in me,

I hardly know what I feel…

But one thing I know, that the feeling stinks.

Then why can’t I step up and leave the emo me behind?!


  1. Won’t dare to sing in an open ground…'
    then how can u accompany someone??:P

  2. yeah, it's just so peaceful. just the feeling of being alone. sometimes you just want to walk away from it all.

    and nice poem! :)

  3. Wow, touching words - you don't seem like you have low self-esteem; you appear confident, and you write so well!


  4. Merry Christmas Eve! That's a fantastic poem!

  5. this is hot too

    and the reason why is because thats the safest place to be for you in life because you know it better than trusting another


Your words mean a lot :)