Monday, December 15, 2008

The ()ne My Heart Wants

You came, It was all very unexpected.
Cause I never thought I'd ever meet someone like you.
I didn't know what was happening,
It was all like a fairy tale come true...
Then suddenly,
It all started to make sense.
I knew, I realized.
You were the one my heart always wanted.
Without you, I'm nothing.
And when you're with me...
No one can find the pieces missing!
Your smile,
Your voice...
Everything about you is so lovely
That I hope it all carries on this way,
I hope you'll always be mine! :)


  1. that pic was nice and i like the certain force of this post
    if that makes any sense :)

  2. Hey Juhi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is pretty awesome too!
    Hey, I might as well will follow you!

    Rock On!

  3. thanks, i hope u feel better too! :)it sucks being sick :P

  4. Love the part about the missing piece!


  5. T A G G E D !

    Okayy, so They Just Call Her Helen tagged me. And now I'm tagging you...

    The idea of the game is to chose six things that makes you happy and then tag six people to play too!

    Good Luck


  6. windy weather huh? never thought about that

  7. this is hot it sounds like something my woman wouldv'e said to me


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