Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The ()ther ()ne

It’s so different being with you,

The feeling of you is so not like before…

It’s like you don’t care anymore…

Like you don’t know I’m there!

Your smile, your talks…

It’s all so different,

They speak a thousand lies,

This brings a tear to my eyes.

You’re hiding something,

I know you are…

Are you scared to tell me what’s wrong?

Cause I’m feeling that shiver in me.

Stop treating me like this,

Cause I know what’s wrong with you.

I just wanna hear it from you,

So that my heart can trust my thoughts.

She’s pretty…

I know that you like her.

Two hours together with her everyday,

And not a single minute with me!

Move on if you want,

Go ahead with her…

But do tell me all this yourself,

Cause my heart is not ready to believe my thoughts!


  1. i love the poem, its great

    and sure, thanks

  2. Love the poem and the new background.

  3. hey! i like ur new background! =)

    and i looove robert frost's poems. idk if u read the one post that said 'nothing gold can stay', but that is defnately one of my favorite poems that he wrote

    and u keep laughing too! =D

  4. Nice picture. I like the line that says,"So that my heart can trust my thoughts." That's a very good way to put it.

  5. ace poems kiddo(shes ma sis) seems lyk u write frm da heart!!keep up da cool work :)

  6. hEy thkx for your sweet comment =)..your poem is awesome too..like the last sentence cz can relate to it..n your blog has a warm n cute feeling..
    keep up the gd work gal!

  7. idk... but my email is horsinaround39x@gmail.com
    i no its a weird email, it didnt have a double meaning when i made it tho :P i was like 11 or something lol

  8. Great poem. I must say, if you have time you might want to think about being a Column Writer on our blog. Come over and check it out. You would be a great addition. Think about it!!



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