Friday, October 17, 2008

F!x Me Up!

Your face keeps appearing in my eyes,
And I don’t know why I cry!
I know you love me,
But why am I so scared?

I promised myself that I’ll trust you,
Even though you stay away from me.
But there’s a stone in my heart,
Which stops me from believing you!

Your voice keeps ringing in my ears,
It says that you love me so much…
It makes me feel secure for sometime,
But then that stone is back in my heart!

I wish I could believe you…
But baby you’re somehow so far,
I can’t continue to miss you so much…
I can’t let my heart break inside!

You look so good, you can get carried
So fast…
Imaginations flow in my mind
That you’ll forget me soon!

Please don’t do this to me,
Come back to me fast.
My heart can take it no more…
And I need you to fix me up!

I miss you so much,
I need you so badly…
Just come back to me soon,
Cause I can’t stay pressed anymore!


  1. thanks, though i dont think i will. im starting to lose my voice and ive stopped eating. im seriously ill



  2. Beautiful post! Have a good weekend.

  3. Wow, that's so beautiful. And the picture is so adorable - I love it. Btw, I'm so glad you liked the poem!

  4. Oh, by the way, sorry about not being able to post/comment as much - it's actually because I have a black belt test coming up tomorrow, and preparing for that plus homework hardly leaves me with any free time. But hopefully, after this, I'll have more time to blog :)

  5. hey! that picture is so adorable! and i love the poem! =)

  6. I like it.

    btw, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Take care !


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