Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucky Star...

I star at the wide black sky
As I have nothing else to do.
I hear my parents fight inside,
As my heart sinks once more.
I see a shooting star pass,
I don't bother to make a wish...
Cause nothing can bring peace in my family,
Is what I feel.

There they go again,
Yelling at the top of there voices.
And here I lie outside...
Wanting to speak up,
But nothing comes out from my mouth!

It's so lovely out 'er.
So peaceful...
But when I step my foot in my world,
There's just noise and voice around.

Don't they know what I'm going through?
Wish I could just shut them up!
But here I lie, staring at the wide sky...
Shutting my heart up,
Cause my shooting stars are never going to give me peace,
Is what I feel!



  1. Aw.
    I don't know what to say.
    I've felt that way before to, though.

    Hopefully things get better.


  2. im very sorry. i didnt mean to be rude. i was just being blunt



  3. that's sad...but still pretty.

    Aww thank you. I don't play nearly as often as I should though. Lol dancer first musician second. =]

  4. awww thats sad, but really good, i know, thats getting old isnt it? but, its true, sad, but i really love it :P

    and ya, sometimes it gets crazy, but 4 younger sisters really is nice, i love them, they're my step sisters tho, and then one older brother...

  5. awww, thats so sad, but it is really good =)

    OMG u have 2 read it! it is a really good book series =)

    good luck on ur science test 2morrow! =D

  6. I love this poem.
    It is kinda sad though.
    My friend's parents are divorcing so I will prbably show her this poem. :]
    Keep poeming!

  7. I really like this poem, it has a lot of feeling.


Your words mean a lot :)